Sunday, August 12, 2012

Baby Maggie's coming soon...we hope!

Only one more week until my due date and hopefully only one more week until we get to meet Maggie.  We are so excited for her to join our family, I can hardly stand it!  We are more then ready with her clothes washed, bassinet ready, bottles and pacifiers clean.

I am feeling pretty good, a little tired, but that is normal.  I am excited that I have only gained 19 pounds with this pregnancy, a little different than the 60lbs with Kate and 40lbs with Nick.  I can also still wear my wedding bands, which I was not able to do with either of the other pregnancies.  We are pretty much just taking it day by day right now, just waiting for signs of labor, which as of tonight are NONE!  :(

Here is a 39 week pregnancy picture that Mike took tonight while we were out geo-caching.

Hopefully the next time I post I will be introducing our new daughter!

Good Night,
Mama Patty
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