Monday, February 20, 2012

A visit with Daddy at work...

The last two weekends Mike has had to work 72 hours straight, that is 3 days straight without coming home!!
That is also ALL.WEEKEND.LONG!!

...So that leaves me with the kids for at least 72 hours straight, by myself.  Not that I am complaining, single moms have to do it all of the time, so I should be thinking ONLY 72 hours. I wouldn't call it hard work, especially since the kids are a bit older now and don't demand all of my attention all of time, but still, you know what I mean.  Especially in the dead of winter, when the kids can't spend all day outside entertaining themselves things get boring and we get cabin fever.  I can only read so many books, paint so many pictures, play with play dough so long and watch Toy Story so many times in a day without going a little coo-coo.  I am not opposed to taking the kids to an indoor play-scape sometimes, but Mike likes to go to those too.  Once in awhile we will hit up a pool, but I'm not not really feeling up to that these day.

One thing we always manage to do when Daddy is working a 72 is visit him at work.  The kids LOVE it, and it takes up at least an hour of our, not so busy, day!  Here are a few pics of our visit this weekend.
Kate was very nervous to walk across the ladder to the bucket on the firetruck, but with Daddy's help she did it!
Kate was a little nervous so high up, I am sure I would be too though.
I couldn't convince Nick to give it a try, maybe next time.
Nick loves to test all of the bells on the front of the on the ground.

The kids also like to hang out in the back of the ambulance.

Firefighter Kate to the rescue!

Till next time Delta Fire...

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Saturday Morning Random-ness

  • It's a chilly 5 degree's outside.
  • I set up for a very fun looking Valentine's Day party yesterday at work with lots and lots of helium balloons.
  • I also had two bridal consultations last night, the last one at 7pm and lasting until 10pm!!!  The wedding theme was "Vintage Peacock", very fun to design!
  • I made yummy blueberry muffins this week.
  • Kate is becoming a great little reader, I love listening to her read.
  • Mike works the next 72 hours straight.  Just me and the kids for the next 3 days.
  • I bought a papasan swing for the new baby this week from Craigslist, perfect condition for $60. I was happy.
  • Kate and I got up an hour early on Tuesday because Kate wanted curly hair, it looked adorable.
  • I really really really wish that QD (Quality Dairy) would deliver donuts on the Saturday mornings that Mike works, I really miss my donut.
  • Nick loves to watch the CARS dvd that Grandma Kenna got him for Christmas, unfortunately Nick lost it by about December 30th.  For a month and a half he has continued to ask to watch the lost dvd, so I finally broke down and ordered a used dvd from The dvd came in the mail today...Kate found the original CARS dvd under her bed today, go figure!
  • We got about 4 inches of very cold snowy-blowy snow last night, I drove about 15mph home from work last was scary.
  • Nick is doing very well going pee pee on the potty.
  • I will be 13 weeks pregnant tomorrow, and I feel pretty good.
  • If we have a boy, Mike loves the name Benjamin Andreasen Roberts, I really like Lucas William Roberts.
  • Kate is pretending to give Nick a haircut as I type.
  • The kids and I have no plans to leave the house today, it is far too cold.  I think we will watch one of the two CARS dvd's
  • The laundry is done, the basement is clean, only dishes to do.
  • I love listening to Nick say KA-CHOW! from the CARS dvd.
  • The kids and I ate Baked Pita Chips and Hummus for lunch today. 
  • Now it is naptime, my favorite time of the day.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Yep you guessed it!!! Nick is potty trained and NOT wearing diapers anymore, well most of the time!  You are so observant to notice that he is wearing undies in yesterday's picture, lol! 

Just in time too, because we are having another baby!  Get one outta diapers, get another one in diapers!  Have to support Pampers.

We are super excited to be welcoming a new baby into our family, Kate especially. She is so curious about how a baby got into my tummy? She has asked me, "are you REALLY going to have another baby? REALLY" Yes, REALLY, we are! Nick doesn't quite get it yet, but that is ok, Kate is excited enough for the both of them.

I had my second pre-natel appointment on Friday, the first appointment that I was able to hear the heartbeat!  It was breathtaking!!  I actually recorded it on my iphone, it sounds pretty neat, a fast 160 beats per minute.  I am due around August 20, 2012, making me 12 weeks today,  almost done with my first trimester!

I have been feeling VERY under the weather since about Christmas, I just can't seem to kick this cold I've got going on.  It's been on and off  now for weeks, I have even been on anti-biotics prescribed by my OB-GYN and it helped for a bit, but then when I completed the series, the stuffy nose came back.  Now, I just have to suffer.

I am not wearing maternity clothes yet, one reason being, that I can't find them...any of them.  I guess with a summer baby, all I need is a good bathing suit to sit by the pool in, well and a cute pair of sunglasses!  I do have a little pooch go'n on, but I think I always have that;)

Baby is about 3 inches long, about the size of a peach.  This week vocal cords and teeth are beginning to form.  He/She already has a heart, kidneys, lungs, fingers, toes, intestines and all major components that "make" a baby.  A miracle, really!

We have about 8 more weeks (first week in April) before we are able to find out if we will be welcoming another girl or boy to the family.  I think it's a girl, Mike thinks it's a boy.  We really don't care.  We have good names picked out for both already, I'll share those later with you.

I guess that is all for pregnancy picture, because really I just look fat.

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