Monday, January 31, 2011

It was Nick!

Yep, Grandma Kenna you were right!  It was Nick wearing his shoes and Kate's dress.  It was soooo funny watching him walk around the house for the afternoon wearing a dress, Kate couldn't stop laughing!

Do these shoes go with my dress?

Kate and Nick both in Easter dresses while playing Hide'n-go-seek.

Mama Patty

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Guess Who?

1. Is it Kate wearing her dress and Nick's shoes?
2. Is it Nick wearing his shoes and Kate's dress?
Hint:  They both wear the same size shoes and the same size clothes. (Uhg, that wasn't much of a hint was it?)

Mama Patty

Saturday, January 29, 2011

An exciting sneak peak!!!

Kate got her "Stage Day" costumes for dance on Thursday.  Here is a sneak peak of her two dance costumes.  The recital theme is New York City. 

The recital is scheduled for May 7th, so mark your calendar if you would like to attend and watch Ms. Dance'n Queen!

Mama Patty

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Laughing is Contagious!

Watch this video and try NOT to laugh!
(Turn your volume up!)
Nick's BIG belly laugh gets Mike and I everytime!

Nick and Kate had a BLAST playing with Curious George, the laughter went on for over an hour this morning! 

Mama Patty

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

What did you do tonight?

We explored the color wheel!!!
In our own pre-school friendly way!  At home, in our kitchen, with a cupcake pan, water, medicine dropper and food coloring!

We mixed red and blue and made purple...

We mixed blue and yellow and made green...

We mixed red and yellow and made orange...

We mixed purple, green, orange, yellow, blue and pink to make black! A lot, a lot, a lot of black!

We also...Had dance practice in the kitchen! Kate loves to dance!

First, you have to stretch...

Then, you make a "pizza" with your feet.

Plie stretch, releve down...

We had a great night!

Mama Patty

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tuesday 7:32 PM

Indoor Playland...The kids love it!

Just a snapshot of our day!

Mama Patty


I have officially sold my first pair of tutu-leggings at the Little Red Schoolhouse!!!  Making tutu-leggings are my newest get rich quick project.  At night, once the kids are in bed I watch tv and sew these easy "do it yourself-ers" then sell them for 10 bucks each.  They are "sew easy" and just adorable on little legs!  (No, I do not make the matching tutu's.....yet)

P.S. Miss Olivia, your Valentine's Day tutu-leggings are waiting to get mailed out to you!

Mama Patty

Monday, January 24, 2011

Complete opposites

Everybody always says that no matter how many kids you have they are always very different from one another, in our case it couldn't be anymore true!  I have 2 children that are the complete opposites from eachother, take a look.

Kate-Born almost 5 weeks early (Must be an Andersen)
Nick-Born 2 days late (Must be a Roberts) LOL

Kate- 6lbs when born (A little peanut)
Nick- 9lbs when born (A big linebacker)

Kate- Slept through the night at 2 months
Nick- Took until he was 2 years old before he truely slept  through the night (UHG!)

Kate- Thumb sucker
Nick- Loved his Pacifier

Kate- Always petitte for her age (In the 5th percentile)
Nick- Always a little big for his age (In the 95th percentile)

Kate- Dark hair
Nick- My blonde boy

Kate-a chatterbox from early on.  Could say hippopotamus by 2 years old.
Nick-Just keeps to himself and doesn't talk much (Over 2 years old says ball and choo-choo)

Kate-Very dependent on Mommy (Doesn't play well by herself)
Nick-Very independent (Plays by himself for hours at a time)

Kate- Still takes a great nap everyday
Nick- Not so much :(

Kate- A very picky eater-Doesn't eat much
Nick- Will eat just about anything...all the time!

Kate- Loves to swim
Nick- Hates water

But I love them both equally!  They are my children...

Mama Patty

Friday, January 21, 2011

A weekend at the cabin.

Last weekend Mike, the kids and I all went up to the "New Cabin" with Grandma and Grandpa Andersen.  It was the first trip with all of us since the cabin has been completed, and ohhhh we had so much fun. 

Look at what we did!

We made pinecone, peanut butter and birdseed feeders for the birds, deer or turkeys.

Then hung them up on the pinetree outside.

We played in the snow.

We went to the Roscommon Train Museum.  Nick loved it!

We took the kids bowling for the first time.  Kate's score was 65 and Nick's was 78, not bad for first timers!  We won't tell what the rest of us got ;)

We just relaxed.

We had a great time at the cabin, we can't wait to go back.

Mama Patty


The author of this blog is me, Patty.  There are a few things you should know about my writing ability as you start reading my blog.

1) I am not a very creative writer, sometimes it might get boring, sorry.
2) I do not like to proof-read what I write, so there will probably be lots of mistakes.
3) I am a horrific speller, just awful!  Sometimes I use spellcheck, but I probably won't here.
4) I might even accidently "text-spell". (I'll try hard not 2.)
5) I am not so good at grammer grammar and/or punctuation. oops
6) Sometimes I ramble on and on and on and on and things might not make sense.
7) I really don't like to write, but I LOVE sharing stories about my family and our day!

Mama Patty

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Duck things?

As I am going to the bathroom at 6:45 this morning, Kate comes in with her pj top on, but no bottom and says...

K-"Mom, I feel those duck things on my legs"
P-"Your what? Duck things? What are duck things?"
K-"You know those duck things that grow on your legs?"
P-"No Kate, I really don't know, ohhhh, do you mean goose bumps?"
K-"Oh yea goosebumps, well they are all over my legs"
P-"That means that you are cold, you should put some pants on."
K-"Nah" "I'm hungry, what are we gonna eat for breakfast?"

Oh the funny things kids say, they make me laugh!
Mama Patty

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Bragging Rights!!!

We had an exciting night as Mike got his Engineering Badge for work.  He has just been promoted to Engineer, we are soooooo very proud of him!

Mama Patty

Times have changed...

A few days ago the kids and I went to the library for a few hours.  Nick picked out a big board book about first words with matching pictures.  It ended up being a game with both kids on "who could find the picture first" when I said the word.  For example...When I said, "where is the dog?" Kate and Nick would point to the dog as fast as they could, whoever found it first would win.  Most of the time Kate would win, but in this instance she was wrong. 

                                         "Where is the telephone?"
Do you see it? 

It's obvious to us, adults, or should I say if you were born before 1990.  The phone is red, in the middle of the page.  When I asked the kids I got a different answer.  Kate immediately pointed to the small grey rectagle in the monkey's hand.  I said, "nope that's not it", and I soon got corrected, "yes it is!  The monkey is holding his phone, his cell phone."  By gosh, it does look like a cell phone, the only phone that Kate and Nick are aware of.  Man, I feel old.

Mama Patty

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

What's in the name?

Naptime for Mama...What's in the name? Why? How did you pick it? 
Hmmmm well, I picked "Naptime for Mama" for several reasons.

1) I knew I wanted a blog name that somewhat defined who I was (A Mama).

2) Could sorta-kinda-maybe help me express who I would be writing about (My Family).

3) Would explain when the only time of day I can actually sit down at a computer to blog, check emails, make orders, and research (Naptime).

4) Was short, sweet and catchy

5) I could spell all of the words...well really I couldn't.  I still don't know if "naptime" is one word or two, but in my world, on my blog, its one word.

6) Was not already taken in the world of blogging. 

7) And the BEST part of the day is when Mama can actually take a nap!  If only the kids new how lucky they were to take a nap everyday!

Mama Patty

Monday, January 10, 2011

The very first blog entry!

Welcome all! 
(Well really just Aunt Julie, Aunt Yvonne, Uncle Andy and maybe a Grandparent or 2.)

Today is my first day writing on a blog...I choose to create a blog for our family of 4 so I could post funny things that happen during our day, kind of like a journal.  Maybe someday we can come back to it and read silly things that happened in the life of a stay at home mommy, a work'n daddy an active pre-schooler and an independent 2 year old.  I also decided to write  a family blog for family members who do not have the fortune to live near us.  This blog will hopefully allow them be able to watch our children grow and see a small glimpse of our daily life.

Well, here goes noth'n...Now lets hope I can publish this!

Mama Patty
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