Monday, September 3, 2012

Margaret Ann Roberts finally came!

Little Ms. Maggie was quite content where she was at with no signs of wanting to come out.

Heading to the hospital.

Fortunately, on Tuesday, August 28th at 41 weeks plus 1 day I was finally induced and we got to meet Maggie at 8:02pm. 
She came into this world weighing 9 pounds 4 ounces and was 22.5 inches long.

Mama Patty

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Baby Maggie's coming soon...we hope!

Only one more week until my due date and hopefully only one more week until we get to meet Maggie.  We are so excited for her to join our family, I can hardly stand it!  We are more then ready with her clothes washed, bassinet ready, bottles and pacifiers clean.

I am feeling pretty good, a little tired, but that is normal.  I am excited that I have only gained 19 pounds with this pregnancy, a little different than the 60lbs with Kate and 40lbs with Nick.  I can also still wear my wedding bands, which I was not able to do with either of the other pregnancies.  We are pretty much just taking it day by day right now, just waiting for signs of labor, which as of tonight are NONE!  :(

Here is a 39 week pregnancy picture that Mike took tonight while we were out geo-caching.

Hopefully the next time I post I will be introducing our new daughter!

Good Night,
Mama Patty

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Hi All!  I know it has been FOREVER since I have done a blog post, I am sorry...

Anyhoo-We have been busy this summer going on trips, working on weddings, swimming the summer away and growing my baby bump bigger!

I am 36 weeks along and Baby Maggie could make her appearance anyday, but really I have about another month, due August 20th.  We are ready for Maggie to come, I have all the necessary baby gear, the bassinet is ready and waiting.  The only thing I needed to do was to get some preggo pictures taken, and that is what I did this morning with Mike and the kids.  I thought that it would be a good post to jump start my enterance back into the "bloggy-world".  I am hoping that from this point on I will post at least once a week for all of my loyal 17 followers:)

Enjoy the pics!

That's all for now!
Mama Patty

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Saturday Morning Random-ness

It's been busy the last few weeks at our house, mostly due to the fact that I am working A LOT more this month due to local high school proms that we decorate for and the beginning of wedding season at work.
  • It's 8:20am, and I am grateful to have gotten to sleep in until 7:30.
  • It is supposed to be a sunny 84 degrees today and 86 tomorrow, perfect days to spend outside playing in the yard and bike riding, so that is the plan.  I do wish that there was an outdoor pool open somewhere.
  • Between work and fire officer class Mike is gone ALL weekend.
  • We have a softball clinic at 9:30 this morning for Kate hosted by the High School's Varsity softball girls team as a fundraiser.
Just over heard by by the kids as I type...                            
Kate-"Oh my gosh Nick you have an eyelash on your cheak!!!!!!!" "Hold still so I can get it!!!!!!"
   Nick looks at her like she is crazy, but he follows her direction and holds 'statue still'.
Kate-"Here Nick, now make a wish, then blow your eyelash, and your wish will come true.
    A look of more confusion by Nick along with silence
Kate-"No, no, no, you are supposed to make a wish in your head, you can't tell anyone!"  Say it in your head.
Nick-"In your head"
Kate-"That's not a wish!"
Kate-"Moooooooommmmm, Nick's not making a wish and he HAS to!"
(Now that is certainly something to tattle about, don't you think?
  • Nick had his last day of pre-school on Thursday, class was at a park, he loved school this year, next year it will be three days a week. This is Nick and his favorite teacher Mrs. Thode.

  • Less then a month until Aunt Julie's wedding!
  • Kate had to get a tooth pulled last week due to a cavity, it broke my heart, I swear I make the kids brush their teeth regularly.
  • Kate has ran almost 18 miles in Millage Club at school over the past month.  I don't think that I have ran 18 miles in my life!
  • We went to a Lansing Lugnuts game on Thursday with Mike's fire chief, his wife and 5 year old daughter, we all had a blast and ate dinner at the ballpark!
  • Kate just bribed Nick to sit on her lap for a quarter, and he did, and now he wants a quarter.
  • Mike passed his fire inspector test, he just got the results on Wednesday and was sooooooooo super excited!  Mike is a pretty smart guy and he said it was the hardest test he has ever taken.
  • Baby Maggie weighs over 2 pounds now.
  • My 14 year old car is getting looked at today by a friend of mine to help determine if it is worth fixing the 10 things wrong with it, or use the money to buy a new car.  My car has been so good to us over the years and doesn't owe us a dime.
  • The new Meijer by our house has their Grand Opening tomorrow, so I whipped 2 of these up for their entrance. Cool Huh?

  • Baby Maggie now has a new carseat to come home from the hospital in, it is pink and grey, I love it!  I went with BabyTrend this time instead of Graco.
  • Mike grilled the most delish hotdogs EVER the other night for dinner, I made my secret hotdog relish, it was to.die.for!
  • I have a lot of laundry to do today, sadface.
  • Kate had her last day of soccer practice this week, she loved it.
  •  I have another "baby" appointment coming up this week, it is the week when they check for gestational diabietes, I hope I don't have it!
  • We sent out Kate's 6th birthday invitations this week, I can't believe she is going to be 6 soon!
  •  I think that is all for day, have a great weekend.  I gotta start the laundry.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

What a weekend!

It's Wednesday night and this is the first chance I have had to do a weekend post.

We will call it the GRAD-BIRTH-RECITAL weekend, with at least 20 out of town guests mixed in there.  What a busy, but oh so fun weekend!

Thursday Night: Guest arrival, the house was clean, dinner was made and there were fresh sheets on all of the beds.

Friday Night: Mike's only sister, Maria, Graduates from MSU Vet School, she is now a DR!  Late night at Claddaugh's for dinner and drinks after graduation.

She looks a little excited in this pic, don't you think?

Saturday Morning 10:00am: My only niece, Olivia, had her 3rd birthday at our house with about 40 guests, people were sitting on the floor because my house is a little too small for that, but nobody seemed to mind.

Olivia and the "Great" Uncle Tom!

Check out that cake, AMAZING!!
Olivia had a butterfly themed party, adorable!

Saturday Afternoon: Naptime for ALL, especially even for the adults.

Saturday Night: Maria's Graduation party, about an hour south of our house.  They reserved a bar for the party, which was nice.

Maria and Beth, crazy cousins!

It was a late night of singing dancing and just having fun!

Sunday Morning: I made it to church with Kate, Nick and Olivia, the rest of the crew was sleeping in to re-coop from the night before.

Sunday Afternoon:  My favorite part of the weekend, ok I am a little bias, Kate's 2nd dance recital!  It was on a big stage at the local highschool, the theme of the recital was "Going to the Movies"  So all of the dances and songs were from movies.

Her tap song was The Candyman Can from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.

Here is her entire class.

Her second dance was for ballet and they danced to a Beauty and the Beast song.

Look at her beautiful form.

Kate and her best friend from school and dance, Hannah.

Kate, Mike and I, so proud of Kate!

Sunday Night: Most of the family had to head back home, but those who could stay joined us for burgers and hotdogs on the grill.  Then off to bed.

Monday Morning: School and the rest of our house guests left for the airport.  Then I took another nap, started laundry and cleaning up from the weekend.

Busy, but fun, how was your weekend?

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

WoooooHoooo!!! were have'n a GIRL!!!!

We are so excited to add another little girl to our crew!!!!
(Thanks Carly for Maggie's first outfit.)

Margaret Ann will be joining us sometime in August!!!!!!
I am so excited to meet this little sweety!!

Our 24 week (actually I am only 23 weeks and 2 days) appointment went great today, we got to see a few new pictures of her, she is a cutie if I do say so myself!  Again, I was nervous about the ultrasound, but really no need to be because everything that the doctor looked at was perfect! The main purpose of this appointment was to see the heart, which we were unable to see at our 20 week appointment.  We saw all 4 chambers of the heart, the aorta, left ventricle and right ventricles of the heart (Heartrate was 154).  We also got to see her cute button nose, lips, a foot and her tiny little "lady bits" telling us that she is a SHE!!!!!!  Kate is beyond excited about the news, she has wanted a little baby sister since the beginning. Nick is ok with it, but wants to name her Lucas, lol.

23 weeks and 2 days
10 pounds gained so far, I am proud of myself since I had gained...
26 pounds with Kate
21 pounds with Nick
by this time in the pregnancy with the previous two.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sunday night Randomness

The house is quiet, the kids are in bed, the laundry is done, Mike is at work, the tv is off, the birds are chirping outside, it is still light out, has been way to long since I have done a blog post, sorry my 18 loyal readers, I will try and do better.
  • We went to church this morning and as we were getting ready Nick looked up at me and said, "Mommy, I wuv church."  It was so sweet and totally melted my heart.
  • We get to have another ultrasound on Tuesday, I am super excited to see if we will be adding a little sister or little brother to our crew, it doesn't really matter to me, just that he/she is healthy.  So check back on Tuesday night to see the results!
  • Kate had her dance pictures taken last Saturday, so of course I had to take one at home before she left.  Her dance recital is Sunday, May 6th and she is ready!

  • Then Nick insisted that I take his "baseball" picture too, love the pose.

  • Kate had a birthday sleepover party last night at another little girls house, I was thankful not to get that 2am phone call to come pick her up.
  • Mike had fire officer training this weekend, only a few more months and he will be done.
  • The new baby has developed the sense of touch this week and quite possibly might be grasping its only toy in utero, the umbilical cord.
  • I decorated for The Michigan Dental Presidents Award Ceremony this past Friday at the Kellogg Center, it was amazingly beautiful!!! (I wish I had a good picture to show you, but I don't. sad.)
  • Only 8 weeks until Aunt, Julie's wedding!!!! Did you read that Julie? 8 WEEKS!!!  and my dress still fits:)
  • Kate just started spring soccer, she loves it!  She has pink and black cleats, pink shin guards and a pink and grey soccer ball to match, she looks darling!
  • I went to the Vera Bradley Outlet Sale last Sunday with my best friend Jennifer in Fort Wayne, Indiana and had a BLAST!  We both got some good deals!
  • The kids and I tackled a Mom-to-Mom sale yesterday morning, it was jam-packed full of Moms and kids, a little over whelming.  We found some shoes for Kate and a bathtub thing for the new baby.
  • It's cold in Michigan, I am ready for the sun and warmth.
  • The new baby has also developed the sense of sight and can distinguish between light and dark, amazing!
  • Nick is REALLY REALLY into baseball right now, I bet we pitch 200 balls a day to him to hit, he is constantly wanting to play baseball.  I hope we can take him to a Tigers game this summer.
  • There is a HUGE fly buzzing around this quiet house and it is driving me nuts as I type!
  • Kate is becoming a better reader each day.
  • Nick got hit in the noggin tonight with a bat while playing baseball in the house by Kate, not once, but twice, poor thing. He cried both times, but I hope he learned not to stand too close to the batter!
  • I have gained less then 10 pounds so far in during this pregnancy, but I look like I have gained a lot more.  Preggo picture coming on Tuesday or so.
  • That's all for now, I am off to bed to start another busy week. Good Night and sweet dreams!

Monday, April 2, 2012

...and they're off!

This past Friday marked the beginning of Spring Break for our local school districts, so we are about 4 days in with 6 more days to go.  Kate and I are bored at home (well I am bored at home) while Nick and Mike have an exciting adventure ahead of them for the next 9 days!  "Team boys" headed out this morning on the Michigan Flyer, a huge, very nice coach bus that travels back and forth from East Lansing to Detroit Metro Airport 12 times a day.  (Um, can you say VERY convenient!). 

 Yep, they are on their way to the airport as I type to catch a flight to visit Papa Fox (Mike's Dad) in El Paso Texas for a boys week.  The boys have been counting down the days for a few weeks now!  It's so exciting for them, no plans, no schedule, no pre-planned meals, and best of all NO GIRLS!!!

Nick loves his Lucy Dog stuffed animal, and I could only imagine the devastation if it was lost somewhere on the trip, so before the boys left this morning we stopped at Petco and bought a tiny dog collar and made a dog tag with Lucy's name on it and Mike's cell number.  you know in case it gets left on an airport chair or something.  Nick enjoyed making it, and hopefully Lucy is safe now!

I hope the boys enjoy their trip, it should be a blast! And I hope Lucy returns home safe and sound!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Are you freak'n kidding me?

So this morning was my BIG ultrasound to see the baby for the first time.  I have been nervous for a week and didn't sleep much last night thinking about it.  I was more worried about something being wrong with the baby rather then if it was a boy or girl.  Our ultrasound lasted a little over an hour and baby Roberts seems perfectly healthy, 10 little fingers, 10 little toes and in the 35%tile!!  Thank Goodness!  He/She layed still most of the time, completely opposite of both Kate and Nick.  It kept its little ankles crossed and thighs together for most of the hour with one hand bent behind its head.  Little kiddo must have been snoozing or is just a calm baby, which does confirm the fact that I have not felt a lot of baby movement this time around, which could be why I was nervous going in this morning.

Anyway...We were not able to see the gender of the baby, no joke, its legs never opened up! I can't freak'n believe it!  Still no idea if we are adding a baby girl or boy to the family, it is driving me batty!  I so wanted to start buying fun boy or girl things for the baby, oh well, we will find out eventually, I hope.

We do have another ultrasound scheduled for April 24th, not necessarily to find out the gender, but to get better pictures of the baby's heart.  The way baby was laying we couldn't see the heart either and the Dr. needs very specific pictures of the heart.  So, while they are taking a look at the heart hopefully they can take a peek between the legs too.

In the meantime, here is a profile picture of Baby Roberts, isn't he or she just adorable!  We think so!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

18 weeks!

About the Mama...
  • My energy level was up until a few days ago, then I think I got smoked with allergies a little early.
  •  I CAN NOT BREATH out of my nose AT ALL!!! (See picture below, constant running!)
  • My baby belly is getting bigger day by day.
  • I am wearing all maternity clothes now, and slowly having to buy new.
  • I think that I am feeling little kicks here and there, which is amazing, I am really excited for them to get stronger over the next few weeks.
  • My ankles aren't swollen yet and I can still wear my weddng band, so that is good.
  • The heartburn continues to exist, but I can control it with Pepcid and Tums.
  • I am constinately thirsty, so I am drinking a ton throughout the day, making me have to use the bathroom about 10 minutes or so...UHG!
  • Love'n fruit roll-ups right now and cheese:)
About the baby...

  • Fingerprints now give my baby a unique identity.
  • Cartilage has turned into bone.
  • The umbilical cord is strengthening and thickening.
  • His/Her ears have settled into their final position.
  • He or she is about 6 inches long, head to rump and weighs about 7 oz, the size of a banana.
  • Now the real question...
    In less the 10 days we have our ultrasound!!!
    What do you think?
    A Boy or a Girl?
    Leave a comment with your guess!  I am excited to see what you all think!
    I know what I think, but I'm not telling...again.
    The answer will find itself on my blog on the NIGHT of March 28th, we can't wait!
    (Even for you Grandma's and Grandpa's)
    So you better check!
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