Thursday, December 1, 2011

25 days of Christmas!

It's starting to feel a lot like Christmas!  (You're supposed to sing that, not just read it, LOL, so try it again.) Especially since we just got snow dumped on us!  I would say about 8 inches.
This was the neighbor's tree, it is supposed to be standing straight up, but the weight of the snow is bending it down.  I had to snap a pic because it reminded me of the Christmas Tree in the Grinch.

 We even had our first snow day of the school year and celebrated by watching my favorite holiday movie The Polar Express and drinking hot cocoa for breakfast by 7:00am! 

My kids don't get that a snow day is FOR.SLEEPING.IN!!!

I love the Christmas season, everything from Thanksgiving to the New Year!  I especially love the 25 days prior to Christmas Day, I tend to make those days particularly special in our house, and I have to say we are ready!

The Christmas music is playing.
Last night, while watching the The Christmas Special at Rockefeller Center Kate informed me that Justin Beiber was her favorite and she LOVED him! (Really? you are 5!)
We all know that Mike still has a crush on Mariah Carey, so last nights performance with Mariah Carey AND Justin Beiber doing the same song was heavenly!

The tree is decorated!

My Christmas decor is up, including MY bells from Santa's sleigh that he gave me back in 1988.

The stockings are hung.

The Christmas scent of cinnamon and fresh pine are in the air.

The Mistletoe hung.

 My 25 Christmas books are wrapped, and waiting to be read.
(The kids will unwrap one each day until Christmas, they are just Christmas books I already had, and look, I made them look like Christmas trees!)

Sparkle, our Elf, is patiently waiting (In Mike's underwear drawer.) for tonight when she gets to come out and make her GRAND reveal!

Most of the presents are bought and stored away in bins.

Christmas cards have been made and just awaiting to be sent out.
We are ready for Christmas 2011!
How about you?


  1. So much fun reading what you're up to! I have my tree up and one red candle. That's pretty good for me for Dec. 2! Love to everyone!


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