Monday, February 20, 2012

A visit with Daddy at work...

The last two weekends Mike has had to work 72 hours straight, that is 3 days straight without coming home!!
That is also ALL.WEEKEND.LONG!!

...So that leaves me with the kids for at least 72 hours straight, by myself.  Not that I am complaining, single moms have to do it all of the time, so I should be thinking ONLY 72 hours. I wouldn't call it hard work, especially since the kids are a bit older now and don't demand all of my attention all of time, but still, you know what I mean.  Especially in the dead of winter, when the kids can't spend all day outside entertaining themselves things get boring and we get cabin fever.  I can only read so many books, paint so many pictures, play with play dough so long and watch Toy Story so many times in a day without going a little coo-coo.  I am not opposed to taking the kids to an indoor play-scape sometimes, but Mike likes to go to those too.  Once in awhile we will hit up a pool, but I'm not not really feeling up to that these day.

One thing we always manage to do when Daddy is working a 72 is visit him at work.  The kids LOVE it, and it takes up at least an hour of our, not so busy, day!  Here are a few pics of our visit this weekend.
Kate was very nervous to walk across the ladder to the bucket on the firetruck, but with Daddy's help she did it!
Kate was a little nervous so high up, I am sure I would be too though.
I couldn't convince Nick to give it a try, maybe next time.
Nick loves to test all of the bells on the front of the on the ground.

The kids also like to hang out in the back of the ambulance.

Firefighter Kate to the rescue!

Till next time Delta Fire...


  1. I love the reflection of Mike's head in the door handle of the last photo. Hilarious!

  2. I think it's pretty cool to see the kids get a chance to check out all the equipment!
    Love checking in here.

  3. Just looked at your last 2 posts. I would have been there to help share some of your 72 hours had we not been in 80 degree weather in FLorida. LOL
    Good pictures.


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