Monday, April 2, 2012

...and they're off!

This past Friday marked the beginning of Spring Break for our local school districts, so we are about 4 days in with 6 more days to go.  Kate and I are bored at home (well I am bored at home) while Nick and Mike have an exciting adventure ahead of them for the next 9 days!  "Team boys" headed out this morning on the Michigan Flyer, a huge, very nice coach bus that travels back and forth from East Lansing to Detroit Metro Airport 12 times a day.  (Um, can you say VERY convenient!). 

 Yep, they are on their way to the airport as I type to catch a flight to visit Papa Fox (Mike's Dad) in El Paso Texas for a boys week.  The boys have been counting down the days for a few weeks now!  It's so exciting for them, no plans, no schedule, no pre-planned meals, and best of all NO GIRLS!!!

Nick loves his Lucy Dog stuffed animal, and I could only imagine the devastation if it was lost somewhere on the trip, so before the boys left this morning we stopped at Petco and bought a tiny dog collar and made a dog tag with Lucy's name on it and Mike's cell number.  you know in case it gets left on an airport chair or something.  Nick enjoyed making it, and hopefully Lucy is safe now!

I hope the boys enjoy their trip, it should be a blast! And I hope Lucy returns home safe and sound!


  1. That is sweet Patty! Great Job, Momma!

  2. What a Mama! Ur the greatest!


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