Saturday, May 19, 2012

Saturday Morning Random-ness

It's been busy the last few weeks at our house, mostly due to the fact that I am working A LOT more this month due to local high school proms that we decorate for and the beginning of wedding season at work.
  • It's 8:20am, and I am grateful to have gotten to sleep in until 7:30.
  • It is supposed to be a sunny 84 degrees today and 86 tomorrow, perfect days to spend outside playing in the yard and bike riding, so that is the plan.  I do wish that there was an outdoor pool open somewhere.
  • Between work and fire officer class Mike is gone ALL weekend.
  • We have a softball clinic at 9:30 this morning for Kate hosted by the High School's Varsity softball girls team as a fundraiser.
Just over heard by by the kids as I type...                            
Kate-"Oh my gosh Nick you have an eyelash on your cheak!!!!!!!" "Hold still so I can get it!!!!!!"
   Nick looks at her like she is crazy, but he follows her direction and holds 'statue still'.
Kate-"Here Nick, now make a wish, then blow your eyelash, and your wish will come true.
    A look of more confusion by Nick along with silence
Kate-"No, no, no, you are supposed to make a wish in your head, you can't tell anyone!"  Say it in your head.
Nick-"In your head"
Kate-"That's not a wish!"
Kate-"Moooooooommmmm, Nick's not making a wish and he HAS to!"
(Now that is certainly something to tattle about, don't you think?
  • Nick had his last day of pre-school on Thursday, class was at a park, he loved school this year, next year it will be three days a week. This is Nick and his favorite teacher Mrs. Thode.

  • Less then a month until Aunt Julie's wedding!
  • Kate had to get a tooth pulled last week due to a cavity, it broke my heart, I swear I make the kids brush their teeth regularly.
  • Kate has ran almost 18 miles in Millage Club at school over the past month.  I don't think that I have ran 18 miles in my life!
  • We went to a Lansing Lugnuts game on Thursday with Mike's fire chief, his wife and 5 year old daughter, we all had a blast and ate dinner at the ballpark!
  • Kate just bribed Nick to sit on her lap for a quarter, and he did, and now he wants a quarter.
  • Mike passed his fire inspector test, he just got the results on Wednesday and was sooooooooo super excited!  Mike is a pretty smart guy and he said it was the hardest test he has ever taken.
  • Baby Maggie weighs over 2 pounds now.
  • My 14 year old car is getting looked at today by a friend of mine to help determine if it is worth fixing the 10 things wrong with it, or use the money to buy a new car.  My car has been so good to us over the years and doesn't owe us a dime.
  • The new Meijer by our house has their Grand Opening tomorrow, so I whipped 2 of these up for their entrance. Cool Huh?

  • Baby Maggie now has a new carseat to come home from the hospital in, it is pink and grey, I love it!  I went with BabyTrend this time instead of Graco.
  • Mike grilled the most delish hotdogs EVER the other night for dinner, I made my secret hotdog relish, it was to.die.for!
  • I have a lot of laundry to do today, sadface.
  • Kate had her last day of soccer practice this week, she loved it.
  •  I have another "baby" appointment coming up this week, it is the week when they check for gestational diabietes, I hope I don't have it!
  • We sent out Kate's 6th birthday invitations this week, I can't believe she is going to be 6 soon!
  •  I think that is all for day, have a great weekend.  I gotta start the laundry.


  1. Thanks for your Saturday update. I was kind of expecting something knowing that you had gone to the LugNuts game. We always love the kids pictures.

  2. Wonderful family time. Makes me look forward to my next visit to participate in it again.

    Love, Papa Fox

  3. Thank you, Patty, for letting me be a part of your daily life through this blog. I love the details/stories you share. Love you all! Grandma Kenna


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