Thursday, July 28, 2011

I'm the cool mom on the block!

Cuz I have teal feathers in my hair!

The hottest trend taking over hair salons, or should I say Fly Fishing stores in our area is feather hair extensions.  I learned of this tread from a friend, I thought it was a little strange and didn't really grasp the concept of it, why? I don't get why people would wear feathers in their hair?  Then I saw one of Kate's 4 year old friends wearing feathers in her hair, and it was soooooooo stink'n cute!  So I asked her where she got it done?  "Orvis" she replied.  I asked her mom where Orvis was, and that I had never heard of that salon before.  She said, "oh no, it's not a salon, it's a fly fishing store".  Man, I was confused, so I had to go check it out for myself. Sure enough the owner of Orvis was making feather hair extensions out of left over fly fishing feathers.  They come in pink, orange, teal, yellow, black, blue, purple and every color in between.  The man at the fishing store even puts it in for you!!!  Since he started a few weeks ago, he has put over 700 feather extensions in peoples hair!!  SO, I just HAD to get it done, and I love it! I totally feel like I am in the "IN" crowd, you know the edgy cool people, who are risk takers. 
Oh, wait...It's not just for people either...

Everybodies do'n it! From the big black labs to the little yappy dogs!
How fun is this?

PS, I can take it out any time Mom. LOL

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