Thursday, August 4, 2011

Eye Spy 2 Lady Bugs...

1 panda, 1 bumble bee, 1 unicorn, 1 bunny, 1 dog, 2 blankets, 15 bed pillows, 4 sofa pillows.
Kate made a mosh pit of pillows to do her gymnastics in.  She took the time to put her leotard on and persuaded Nick to do the same.
They both used the couch as their launching pad.  They jumped over and over and flipped into the "pit".
 The pile was about 4 feet tall.

 Nick had a blast too!
Do you love his purple frilly leotard with that big grin?
Nick cracks me up!


  1. What neat photos! I love the action in them!

  2. What fun them must have had. I bet you enjoyed the giggles!


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