Sunday, March 4, 2012

16 weeks

 Today marks week 16 of being preggo!
16 weeks, I can hardly believe it, almost half way done!
Although I look like I am 20 weeks along.
I am excited for the next few weeks when I will start feeling pregnant, and not just fat.

I had my 16 week appointment this week, all is well with both me and baby.  I still have not had the chance to see any pictures of our wee one, but I did get to hear the heartbeat again, 157, does that mean boy? or girl? only time will tell. We do have our 20 week ultrasound scheduled for March 28th, so we should find out at that appointment.  Mike and I both still think it is a boy. 

I am in the "Honeymoon" phase of pregnancy right now, and things are pretty easy, I feel great and seem to have my energy back.  I finally kicked that cold and that has made all the difference in the world, I just hate being sick!  I am craving milk, water, yogurt and fruit right now.  I am NOT liking Coke or Pizza, which is strange because I used to LOVE them both, I hope that changes, cuz I like my Friday night $5 pizza.  Once in awhile when I get really hungry I start to feel a little nauseous, but for the most part that is done too.  Apparently I have that "Pregnant" glow because Kate told me that all of my pimples were gone and I was sooooo pretty when I was getting ready for church this morning. So kind of her.

Now on to baby...
MY BABY CAN HEAR ME THIS WEEK! "Hi Baby, it's Mommy!"

He/She is 4.8 inches crown-to-rump and weighs about 3.5 ounces, about the size of a Large Navel Orange.  The picture below is kinda what I look like, cute huh?  I think he has his dad's nose, LOL!

He/She is gaining strength in its back and can straighten its head and neck more.

He/She has both eyebrows and eyelashes now.

Baby is spending its days kicking, curling toes and moving its tiny arms and legs, although I can't feel it yet.

And that's the baby update!


  1. My heart goes pitty-pat when I read about developing baby Roberts. Thanks for keeping us posted.

  2. U r glowing! U look Fabulous in the picture! Can't wait for ultrasound time. Take care! Love u! Am soooo excited for u!

  3. March 28th?! What a wonderful surprise for my birthday - to know if I'm having another grandson or granddaughter!
    Love, Gma Kenna

  4. Glad that all is going well and smoothly. Love the little one already.

    Papa Fox


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