Friday, March 16, 2012

Couldn't ask for better weather!

Sunday: 72
Monday: 75

Can you believe the weather forecast for Michigan in March, unbelievable and absolutely gorgeous out!  This week the kids have had half days of school and NO SCHOOL today, perfect for playing outside, riding bikes and getting dirty!  Speaking of riding bikes...Nick didn't have a bike to ride, so off to the bike shop we went.  Kate got her "big girl" bike for her third birthday a few years back in June.  Nick didn't get his last September for his 3rd birthday, well, because it was September and almost time to put bikes away for the winter, so we thought we would wait until Spring to get his.  It was such an exciting moment for Nick to go to the bike store and pick it out, he hopped up on the bike of his choice and took off right in the store.  After the bike shop we headed to a local paved bike path that was FLAT, Nick was overjoyed with excitement to ride his new bike!
Nick and his new "Motorcycle" Trek bike.

He really thinks it's a motorcycle and makes the "VROOOOM" sounds when pedaling.

 Nick taking a look at his new wheels.
Kate was a old pro at riding her bike and just zoomed off and left Nick and I in the dust.
She thinks it's "cool" that she can stand up and ride,
I think it would be cool to take off the training wheels!

Enjoy the sun!


  1. Love the bike pictures. Your phone video was great with Nick's sound effects. They are getting so big. Enjoy the warm weather while it lasts.

  2. Nick and Kate r growing up waaaay to fast!
    Bike riding! Wow!
    We r still in AZ. Having a good time and lots of adventures.
    Erik flys in on Friday! Can't wait!


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