Friday, May 27, 2011

Bat Mitzvah

We decorated for a fun and fabulus "Under the Sea" themed Bat Mitzvah last weekend.  It was so amazing I just had to share!

A Bat Mitzvah is a "coming of age" ceremony for a girl who is turning 13 years old in the Jewish religion.
 The candle display for the Candle Lighting Ceremony.

The large ballon fish that we made for the centerpiece of the dessert table.

The "tweens" table for Isabelle and her friends.  Decorated to the nines with balloons, candy, and lots of color!

One of the three Under the Sea vingettes placed in the reception hall.

 The seating name tags.
The Under the Sea tunnel before enting the reception hall.

The dance floor with balloon arches flowing seaweed (ribbon) hanging down.

The adult tables with beautiful centerpieces with HUGE white and blue hydrangeas.

Centerpieces for the bar!  Can you say soooooo very FUN!

Isabelle and her family were very pleased and enjoyed her party!

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