Thursday, May 5, 2011

Fireman's Memorial

I have visited the Fireman's Memorial many many times in the past 30 years, yet I still enjoy walking up the steps to the granite wall full of names "dedicated to those who served" of past firefighters in the state of Michigan.
Having Mike in my life as a firefighter makes the memorial that much more special.

Mike and the kids.
There are now two walls with names of Michigan Firefighters who have passed away (these are not names of those who passed away in the line of duty).  Those of you who know Richard Brinker, his name is in the upper right hand corner of the above pictures.
An old time hose cart.
An old pull fire alarm.
A beautifully finished fire hydrant.
The Mommy and the Daddy.
Nick on Daddy's shoulders.

We will be back to visit soon.

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  1. Hey Patty I found you through MckMama's comments and was intrigued because you and I both asked her to come to Michigan for pictures! When I got here I found that your hubby is a firefighter too?!?!?

    I'm in Grand Rapids, where are you at?


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