Sunday, May 15, 2011

Funny story... tonight as we were getting in the showers (Naked) Nick was standing outside of the tub, staring at the toilet, he then bent over and looked at his own little wee wee for a sec.  Before I know it, he was peeing on the floor!!! No biggie it happens.  What made me die laughing is when he tightened up his cute little butt cheeks, put his knees together with his feet still about 8 inches about, cupped his hand under his wee wee and caught his own pee in his hands all while saying, "Oopsies, Oopsies, Oopsies!!" in the most suprised little voice.  He caught most of it, but a few drizzles went down his leg, so he followed it with his finger and kept saying (In his cute little Nick voice), Wuz zat? Wuz zat? Wuz zat? (Whats that).

It made me laugh...

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  1. Your blog made Dad and I laugh, too. I can just picture the scene. He is on his way thinking about toilet training.


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