Sunday, June 12, 2011

Cheese buns and Fruit Salad

One of my most favorite-est meals growing up was made by my Grandma H.  When our family would make our Friday night visits to their house we would either buy pizza or make cheese buns and fruit salad.  It was a very simple and inexpensive meal to make, but by far the BEST!!! 

For whatever reason I had a craving for cheese buns and fruit salad today, so after church I made a quick stop to Kroger and bought all of the supplies.
1 container of Bacon
American Cheese slices
Hamburger buns
2 cans of fruit cocktail (with extra cherries)
1 container of heavy whipping cream

Then got to cook'n...and it was just as I remember it to be!

 I used 2 cans of fruit cocktail.
 Made real whipping cream!  It tastes so much better then cool whip.
And mixed the fruit cocktail with the whipped cream. Then refrigerated.

Simple & delicious!

Then on to making the cheese buns (BEWARE it's a tough one!)

First I cut up the bacon with scissors into about 1 inch square pieces and cooked them in the frying pan. (sorry no pic.)

 Lay out the hamburger buns.
 Put a piece of cheese on each hamburger bun.
 Add a little cooked bacon on top.
 Put in the oven on broil, watch carefully to avoid burning.
 TaDaaaa!  Done!
 And it was delicious!
Nick loved every bite, and asked for seconds on the fruit salad.
 Kate gobbled it up too!
 Nick especially loved picking off the bacon.  (Notice his figure nails are painted thx to big sis Kate. One hand is pink the other is a shinny silver, LOL!)
...and the cookie pan is empty.  Mike enjoyed them too!


  1. Yum! My mother in law makes these too, but she uses cheese whiz in a jar and spreads that on the buns. I like simple, fun ideas like this! :)

  2. I'M DOING THIS SOMETIME SOON! It looks so yummy!


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