Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Lansing Lugnuts that is!!  What were you thinking? 

Go Nuts! is what Nick shouts out at every baseball game that he watches, whether it's a Tiger's game, a random adult softball game or a kids little league game that we stop at while at the park, no matter the players he is love'n the game and shows his support to the players by yelling, "Dough Nuts!" (Go Nuts) over and over!  It really is the cutest thing ever!  The other fans get a kick out of it too.
One of our favorite summer past times is going to the Lansing Lugnuts minor league baseball games.  The stadium is beautiful and CLEAN, the tickets are reasonable $$, it's extremely family friendly and the food is cheap ($1) on Tuesday games.
(This was at one of the first games of the year.  It was rainy and chilly, hence all the people sitting behind us, LOL!)
Nick is a big baseball fan and loves getting up close and personal with the players.
 Like Father, Like Son
Kate enjoys the games too.
The kids should be excited when they find out that we are going to tomorrow's game along with a few of the other families on the fire department, so Nick will get a chance to scream out Go Nuts!!!! and it will be the right team!


  1. I LOVE IT! The Gs are Ds pronunciation is my favorite. We still joke about when Kate would say "dum" (gum) and "Drammma" (Grandma). Dough NUTS!

  2. i want to go back to a lugnuts game! :)

  3. Please post a video of "Dough Nuts!"


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