Monday, June 6, 2011

Kate at 5. (This is my 3rd post today, so be sure to read the previous 2 also)

she can run. loves to ride her bike. says, "mom" at least 946,000 times a day. can write her name. is starting to learn how to read. very lovable. extremely caring. has a front tooth that is brown. loves to cook in the kitchen. silly. scores baseball with her daddy. has a large vocabulary. loves to sneak into my bed when daddy goes to work in the morning. loves school. thinks that she starts kindergarten tomorrow, cuz now she is 5. is a great teacher to Nick. likes to make the rules of the house. doesn't like to take naps anymore. is fully potty-trained. likes to have her back scratched. swims like a fish. thinks that unloading the dishwasher is, "so not fabulous". is nervous to try new things. is photogenic. is petite for her age. can set the table. cries at the drop of a hat. can manipulate my phone better then I. loves all things princess. says she is gonna be a soccer player when she grows up. has an interest in gardening. has to be told 3 times before she does what I ask (very annoying). likes to wear mommy's make-up. attracts mosquitoes (hence the 25 bug bites). caring. a dancing queen. enjoys watching Martha Stewart with me. can make her bed. has a scraped right knee from falling off her bike. shoulder length hair. 35 pounds.  still makes a little grunting sound when she is tired. energetic. loves to play games. likes to always be between Mommy and Daddy no matter where we are. loving. can color in the lines. likes to have her finger and toe nails painted. can't wait to get the mail everyday.likes having laundry on her chore list. says,"bless you."

...and that my friends is my BIG 5 year old, KATE!  We love her dearly and can't imagine life without her, she is the BEST!

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