Thursday, October 27, 2011

It has been 10 years!

Today marks our 10 year Wedding Anniversary! 
I can hardly believe that it has been 10 whole years!
Look at us back then...

10 Year Timeline Together, well 12 years really.
1999---Mike and Patty first met in May of 1999, and were engaged on Christmas Eve!!!!!
2000---Mike moved up near Mount Pleasant, MI to be closer to Patty as she went to CMU.
2001---Mike and Patty were married at St. Paul Lutheran Church on October 27, 2001.
2002---Mike and Patty vacationed in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico at the Reef Club Resort.
2003---Mike and Patty...I have no idea what happened this year, I can't remember.
2004---Patty graduates from CMU, ready to teach and become a larger family. :)
2005---Mike and Patty bought their first house together.
2006---Mike and Patty welcomed their first baby girl! Hi Kate :)
2007---Mike, Patty and Kate dress up as a Farmer, Farmer's Wife and a Cow for Halloween.
2008---Mike and Patty welcomed their second child, a boy! Hi Nick :)
2009---Mike and Patty vacationed in Las Vegas and LA without kids!
2010---Mike is busy working and being a Daddy and Patty is busy being a Mommy.
2011---Mike and Patty celebrate 10 years together.

...and look at us now!
10 years later with a beautiful family!
Who could ask for anything more?
I have been truly blessed!
My wish is for many many many many 10 more years to come!
I love you my Michael Allen.

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  1. I love you both so much! I am so glad you are in our family. I can't believe it has been ten years already! Cheers to many many more! Love you so much! Congratulations!


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