Thursday, October 6, 2011

Ok, here's the last post about our trip in the Outer Banks last month.  I am ready to move on to all things FALL! (Fall is my favorite season!)

It is tradition that while on vacation in the OBX we always schedule a professional photographer to take our family's pictures on the beach to help capture our family at that particular moment.  This year we went with Jean Cubin, photographer and owner of A Photo Moment. 
I just now received the disc of 244 pictures, so take a minute to go to the bathroom, grab some popcorn and enjoy the show!


Nah, just kidding, I wouldn't do that to ya, but I am gonna post a few of my favorite pics of my family.

 Most of the family was able to stay for the Monday morning photoshoot, but there were several that could not stay, we sure miss them in the pictures, and it was certainly not the same without Grandma in them.


Well, after I have uploaded all of the pictures onto my blog in the CORRECT orientation, when they are viewed, most of the pictures are rotated wrong!!! SO ANNOYING!! I have tried every trick that I know to fix the problem, but it is not working!! So, I guess I am just gonna have to ask you to turn your computer screen or ipad to accomidate.
Sorry, I know it sucks :(


Mike and I

Our Family

 Mommy and the kids

 Daddy and the kids
 Kate, Patty, Nick, Mike, Grandma Kenna, Uncle Andy, Olivia and Aunt Yvonne

A trip to remember!

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