Sunday, September 25, 2011

Nick's OBX Pirate Birthday Party

Since we were with a lot of family while on vacation I thought it would be a good idea to throw Nick's 3rd Birthday Party into the schedule as well.  What better theme then a Pirate Party while in the Outer Banks!

Party Invitations
Lori is amazing to work with and gets orders shipped in no time!

The Guest Table

The centerpiece at the head table, also a pinata for the kids later in the evening.

The chairs

The Dinner Plates

 We had bbq chicken legs, chicken nuggets, french fries...

pirate's cavier,

pirate ships,

goldfish crackers

and a jell-o blue sea with Swedish fish.

A few of the guests
Grandma Kenna and Aunt Karen


Uncle Andy

Patrick, Aunt Karen and Uncle Tom.

Uncle Andy, Oliva and Grandma Kenna

The Treasure Hunt
The kids seemed to love this!  All I did was put sand in a giant shell and filled it with pretend gold coins.  Each child had the chance to go on a treasure hunt, once they found 5 coins they got to pick from the goodie bag.

Olivia found a coin, she was so excited!

Paul found his coins too!

The Pinata!
HUGE HIT, literally, lol!
 Nick got to go first, he had three hits.

Olivia giving a try at it,

 Kate made a great swing at it!
 Andy protecting himself from the wild bat!

After all of the kids got a chance to break the pinata, then the adults got a chance.  They had to wear my pink camo sleeping mask though!
This is Aunt Lola.

 Grandma Kenna took a whack at it and missed!
The "Great" Uncle Tom finally broke open the pinata and candy flew out everywhere!
(Look at Kate in the background, so much anticipation!)

The kids diving for the candy after the pinata broke.

The Gifts
Nick loved unwrapping gifts this year!

The Cake and Ice Cream
We ended the party with cake and ice cream, yum-o!

I had these stickers made for the tops of the ice cream cups from the same company as the invitations, they were too cute!

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  1. It was a fun party and one I will remember! Arrrr!!
    Gma Kenna


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