Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The best $3.50 I ever spent, although it was short lived.

The kids and I have been riding solo for the past week.  Mike and his Mom have had the wonderful opportunity to take 10 days to travel together on a genealogy trip to discover facts about their family.  They have traveled from Michigan down to Decator, Alabama through Nashville, Tennessee, back to Evansville, Indiana and still have 3 days left of their trip.  I hope that they are having a blast together!

In the mean time, I might not have any hair when he returns!!!
Its been just me and the kids, JUST ME and an ever so sassy 5 year old and an active 2 year old!  I think I have cleaned the house 592 times--a day, how does it get so darn messy so quick? It's getting VERY OLD, I am very tempted to just fill up the trash bin! I am ready to have another adult in the house again, HUBBY COME HOME! I have had to stretch my creativity to find cheap activities to keep the kids entertained for 13 hours a day.  We have been to the park, taken bike rides, mowed the lawn, read lots of books, pulled the wagon, played choo-choo, done some shopping for school, made crafts, went to the movies to see Cars 2, done some GeoCaching, cleaned the garage, ran around a baseball diamond, and much much more in the past week.

While out shopping I stumbled upon the clearance racks at Bed, Bath and Beyond (I know, the best, right?)  This is what I found...

Valued at $39.99 (Yeah right, who would pay that?) On sale, then clearanced out for $4.99.  Of course I had a 20% off coupon, to make it even cheaper.  We grabbed it, then I stashed it away for a rainy day, errr, I mean hot and sunny day.

The kids loved it!
They ran through the "rain", and plugged their noses as they dove in...

...and just burned off some energy.
We were able to get 2 days of fun out of my $3.50 purchase, before it broke (for sure well worth it!).  I am thinking the hoses inside of the ball busted apart, cuz today water was only com'n out of one hole instead of 6. 

Oh well. :(
The Discover Kids water beach ball found a new home.  Hopefully the garbage man comes tomorrow morning before the kids wake-up and see their new toy in the trash!


  1. I am so jealous of the trip your hubs and mom are on! I have been working on a family tree for quite some time now and often think about what it would be like to go to some of those cities and find records that sum up to more than just a name.

    I'm excited to read what they find!

  2. You may have to make another trip to B.B,B! Looks like although you have been very busy, that you have also had a lot of fun!

  3. p.s. We were at our B,B,B store yesterday and they have a whole stacks of these things on clearance if you needed anymore for $3.50.

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