Friday, August 12, 2011

What up Dawg?

That is the name of one of the newest restaurants/bars/deli's/hot dog stands here in East Lansing.  If you are doing any traveling through Mid-Michigan or heading to a MSU football game this fall you must stop by.  The food is delicious!  And the owners try very hard to only buy and use Michigan Made products like Kogels, Faygo, Michigan Only made Micro Beers, Michigan Onion and Potatoes and more.
Hot Dwag Logo
Mike, the kids and I stopped in for lunch yesterday.
Sitt'n up at the bar drink'n our Faygo pop.

Better grab your own pop from the Faygo Fridge.  $1

Beer Cooler

The few seats that are inside the restaurant.  This restaurant is just a tiny hole in the wall, but man it is good!

Bill, our gourmet hotdog chef. 
 He makes all of the food right in front of you.

My hotdog and fries. 
I went for the Smokey Dawg, a Kogel smoked sausage with bbq sauce, bacon, grilled onions, and cheddar cheese sauce.

The kids each at a plain Dawg.  Kate ate 2 of them!  We couldn't believe it, that is the most she has eaten all year!

The menu is just one page.  Check it out here.  They have deals throughout the week too.
  • Tuesday is 2'sDay! $2 24oz Keystone Light, 2 coneys for $2
  • Friday is FryDay! free fry with purchase of a dawg and a drink.
  • $2.00 domestic bottles all day every day!
  • "The Big Dawg Challenge": Eat 1 of each type of specialty dog (9 in total) in 15 minutes and you get to create your own dog for their menu! As well as get your photo on the wall of fame!
Mike Love'n his dawg.  Here are a few of his comments.
"Wow!!" Now that is flavor!
"The flavor just all jams in your mouth then goes POW!!"
You can get your dawgs to go too!

Mike also tried the "Chicago dawg"  This one is a Hebrew National Hot dog with sliced tomato, raw onions, relish, sliced pickle, sport peppers, mustard and celery salt.

Quote of the day, "The Smokey Dawg is for the party palette and the Chicago Dawg is for your business palette.

As I am typing, my mouth is watering and I could only hope that these Dawgs jump off my computer screen and into my mouth!

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