Thursday, August 11, 2011

Silly putty comes in green?

Mike surprised me a day early on his arrival home from his genealogy trip.  I was shocked (and ever so thankful) last night at 9:30pm when I pulled in the driveway coming back from my parents house and from running a few errands to see Mike's rental car parked in front of our house.  Especially since I had just called him 45 minutes earlier from Office Max furiously mad at Kate for putting green silly putty in her hair.  YES! Let me repeat, KATE PUT GREEN SILLY PUTTY ALL OVER HER HAIR, and it all stuck together and turned into a big rats nest!  In fact, I think once it was in Kate's hair, it multiplied, because seriously I didn't think there was THAT much putty in those little eggs. She knows better, she is FIVE, what was she thinking?  

"It just attached there," she said innocently.

"Yea right, you put it there!!!!," I snapped back.  "Silly putty doesn't just jump out of your hand and land in your hair, what were you thinking?"

"No I didn't do it, it just went there", she repeated.

"Well, I guess we'll have to go GET ALL OF YOUR HAIR CUT OFF then, cuz  that is not coming out by itself", I yelled back at her.

"Now, you need to call your Dad and tell him that we are going to get your hair cut to take care of this."


A small part of silly putty in Kate's hair.

Kate tried to call Mike, but was too upset to talk to him so I grabbed the phone and explained what happened and that I was sorry to tell him, but we would have to get Kate's hair cut. He said, "how short?"  I said, "well, the silly putty is all over, so probably up to her eyebrows!"  Bye

****Sidenote**** We have been growing Kate's hair out for over 2 years now since the last tragedy involving a toddler and scissors.
30 seconds later, really, 30 seconds later, Mike called back and said, "before you get all of her hair cut off try hand sanitizer."

Hand Sanitizer? Really

So, I walked around Office Max until I found a $5 bottle of hand sanitizer, then continued into the bathroom at Office Max and squirted Hand Sanitizer all over Kate's hair and the silly putty.  MAGICALLY, the hand sanitizer almost instantly dissolved the silly putty!  I couldn't believe it. 
This stuff is magical!

Kate's hair was saved, but she is grounded from playing with silly putty for THE. REST. OF. HER. LIFE!


  1. Oh Patty, I can just see this in my head, and I'm starting to get frusterated for you :) Glad Mike called back and came to the rescue with the hand sanatizer..... who knew?!?!? Hope you got a well deserved break!

  2. Blame it on Grandma-- I bought the cheap off brand "Silly Putty". The real stuff never would do that! I am glad it all worked out so easily!

  3. Even though we had a wonderful trip, Mike was so excited to get back to you. I loved that! Thank you so much for helping make this trip happen. It was a chance of a lifetime! I could so relate to Kate's hair. Not with Silly Putty, but gum. So glad it all worked out!


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