Sunday, November 13, 2011

10 year anniversary pictures

A few weeks back I mentioned that Mike and I celebrated our 10 year anniversary.  Instead of giving each other gifts, I really, really, SUPER BAD REALLY wanted fall family pictures (You will notice I am somewhat of a "professional picture freak", and love to get them taken!!!!).  I wanted some pictures with just Mike and I, some with just the kids and a few with the 4 of us, to document our family after 10 years together, so that is just what we did!

One of my very best and most wonderful amazing friends (Hi Jenn!) recommended Crystal Olsen Photography in Mount Pleasant, to take our family pictures, so I gave her a call, and sure enough she could take our pictures for us!!!  It worked out just perfectly that we would stop at Crystal's house (She is a stay-at-home Mom of 4 kids who has a photography business on the side.) on the way back home from being at the cabin for the weekend.  We had our 10 year pics taken outside of Crystal's house with a beautiful natural fall backdrop.  The weather was perfect, the trees were beautiful in color and the soft fall breeze made Kate's hair lay perfectly.

We just got our disc of pictures in the mail after Crystal spent some time editing them, and of course I wanted to share a few of my favorites with you, certainly not all 61 of them though!

 I made the "10" from old buttons and just glued them on paper and put and old frame around it!  Practically FREE!!
(Thanks Pinterest for that idea.)
 Wow, has how family changed in 10 years! 
So very Thankful!
I wonder what we will look like in another 10 years?
 I just LOVE this picture of just our hands holding the sign.
 Frame pictures are so fun too!
Of course we stand in tall grasses with an old picture frame and kiss, who doesn't?

 Too cute!
 I love this one!
 I love this one too! Look at Nicks little foot!
 My favorite picture of the kids together.
Look at those Baby Blues!
Little Miss Sassafras!
My favorite "Just Kate" picture.
She was standing about a foot off the ground here, as she hopped off her boot and got stuck, so she fell and tore her tights, good thing it was the last picture of the day!

These are my favorite family pictures because it's a "Family Tree" Get it? Haha ;)

We had so much fun with Crystal, she was so amazing to work with, I can't wait to schedule another session with her.  Her prices are very reasonable, she has great creative photography skills and allows us to have all right to her pictures to get them printed wherever we want to!


  1. I love the flower on your little girl's dress, it really stands out! You sure have a lot of cute pictures to pick from and for sure a nice Christmas card this year!

  2. I can't even fully express to you how much I love these pictures! It even makes me a little emotional! I love you all so much!

  3. I love the photos AND the new look on your blog. Great work and thanks for sharing!


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