Tuesday, November 15, 2011

We have a new look in these neck of the woods...

So what do ya think?
Do you like my new look in my little corner of the world-wide web?

I started this blog almost one year ago not knowing if I would really continue blogging or not.  Ya know, since I HATE to write and all, and I can't spell worth beans!  Anyway, when I started, I used one of the pre-made designs that Blogger provides for you.  As the months went by, and I was still blogging, I decided that I really wanted a blog that was more personnal, something that was a little more "Roberts Family Specific". So, I did my research, on-line of course, and looked at lots and lots of blogs and contacted many designers and decided on...
April Durham over at April Showers Design Studio.

Once she got started on my project (she is a VERY busy blog designer, so it took awhile) it went great!  She customized/characterized all 4 of us, based off from one picture I sent her!   I think they look pretty darn good!  Well, after the main design was complete and I approved it, we worked together (she is great to work with) and made little tweaks here and there for a few days until it was perfect. Then ta-daa, my new design was complete and was launched into the blogsphere. I still have some work to do with my individual pages until it will be completely finished and the way I want it, but the majority is done.

I am so very thankful for April and her creativeness to be able to personalize my blog for me, and give me exactly what I was looking for!


  1. I love it too. Looks great. I'm so glad you have kept blogging. i love reading everything and seeing pictures. I love the characters of mike, patty, kate and nick...so cute! :) <3

  2. How fun! I'm glad you blog also. Great way to stay connected with you and the family.


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