Monday, November 28, 2011

According to Nick...

This umbrella is all you need in the rain....according to Nick.
It's a paper umbrella from his sprite!!
Mike snapped this picture as Nick was walking out of LaSenerita's  in the rain after having lunch on Sunday.  Cracked us up!

According to Nick...his name for Kate is: "Sissy Wroberts"

According to Nick...Whenever you ask him to do anything is answer is: "Okey-Dokey Artichokey". Ok, It definately does not 'type out' as cute as when he says it.

According to Nick... he loves to dress like his Daddy.
Oh wait, maybe that is according to Daddy! LOL!

According to Nick...MY iphone is actually HIS iphone.
According to Nick...MY computer is actually HIS computer.

According to Nick...he loves to play with planes, trains, and Fire Fucks, yep your right, you read that right, Fire Fucks...
Right now Nick has a little trouble pronouncing the TR sound, like in TRuck, for him the TR-sound is a F-sound, making TRuck sound like Fuck, it really is quite funny!  Especially when we are in Target walking down the "Little Boys Sextion" (yes I meant to type sextion, because that is what he requests to do everytime we are out shopping) and he is upset with me that I won't let him stop and play with every Fire Fuck in the store and he starts crying and saying, "Nick.want. to. play. with. Fire Fuck," over and over!! 

According to Nick...A diaper full of poop is not a big deal, and could care less if his diaper is full and has no interest in ever using the potty.EVER~

According to Nick...Grandma and Grandpa Andersen live at the cabin, not their house.

According to Nick...Wearing Sissy's lipstick is a good time!

According to Nick...Every pizza shop is recognized as PIZZA! PIZZA!, and is recognized by shouting it out in the van as we are driving down the road.

According to Mama Patty...Nick is such a fun 3 year old to have around the house!

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  1. First, I totally lost it laughing at this video. Second, I LOVE this post in general. Nick is so adorable. I love your kiddos (and you and mikey too).


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