Thursday, January 26, 2012

Toys repurposed.

We have lots of girl toys hang'n around this house, in fact 2 years more worth of girl toys then boy toys...although boy toys are slowly catching up.

It is fun to see Nick take Kate's toys and use them in a way that I would never imagine using them...EVER, not as an adult or a little girl, but it makes perfect sense to him. 

Today, after Nick had pajama day at school (look how cute he is)!
Thanks Aunt Yvonne for the adorable Garnet Hill monkey slippers!
Thanks Aunt Lola for the jammies and the warm robe!

Julie, do you remember the dog Nick is holding?  It was mine when I was little, I named it Cinnamon, after Christmas Nick re-named it Lucy, I wonder how he came up with that? 
Cute huh!  He carries Lucy around everywhere he goes.


Anyway...back on subject.  After school, as I was getting lunch ready, I looked over and watched Nick in amazement as he took two tables from Kate's Barbie house and hoisted Barbie's Hot Pink Mini-Coop convertible (that I am very jealous of) up in the air.  He continued to play and make car sounds and noises that boys just instinctively know how to make and "changed" the tires on the car.  Not really, but he pretended to.  He was soooooo into it, really...changing Barbie's tires for her, what a nice guy. I would never think to play like that.  It's so fun to see what boys do, I guess because I didn't have a BIG brother to grow up with...or a little brother for that matter (you failed mom and dad, haha). I soooooo wanted a BIG brother, but I never got one :(

The mechanic is done, Barbie's got a fresh new set of tires!
(I hope he billed her too, rich B*&#ch). 


  1. I love Nicky's boy creativity! What a special little dude <3 I'm glad that he renamed your old dog Lucy and hasn't been scarred for life from the sausage incident. Ryan's favorite toy as a kid was a pound puppy that he carried around everywhere and he still loves dogs. I wonder when Nick will ask for a real dog.

  2. Love It !!!Barbie is lucky to have such a good looking mechanic. I had a good looking mechanic once and look what happened to me! I guess Nick has more of the Grandpa Wayne and Grandpa Heaton genes in him then we realized.

  3. Nick is a really good kid! Christmas at G & G Andersen's he was off playing the whole time and we never heard a peep outta him. JEKaeding

  4. He is so cute! I have pictures of some of the things my boys made out of other items, like their boxing ring out of legos and yarn. Wonderful to have a good imagination.


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