Monday, January 9, 2012

Wedding Shows

Some of the fun of working for an Event Company are attending the January wedding shows that are held at several venues in our area.  All Grand Events attended 3 Bridal shows last week. Thursday we attanded a very exculsive show at The Country Club of Lansing, Friday a "Casino themed-date night" show at Eagle Eye Golf Club and Sunday we attended Bridal World at the Lansing Center in down town Lansing.  Each show was very successful, exciting and exhausting!  We will certainly have a busy summer full of weddings to decorate this spring, summer and fall.

I snapped a few pictures with my phone to show you some of the fun we have creating centerpieces and bouquets.  Of course with my old cell phone that has no flash the pictures aren't that great, but oh well, everything was stunning in person!


 Here is a picture of my favorite Bridal bouquet, we made 4 samples, but I didn't get pics of the others.

Many of the competing Wedding Decor Vendors went a little "Theme" wild with crazy colors, but we kept decor simple, clean and refreshing, using only Ivory as our color pallet, and added lots of glass, crystals and candle light to "glitz" it up a bit.


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