Monday, January 16, 2012

What a day...

We had the pleasure of hanging out in Dearborn, Michigan all day to watch our cousin, Colin, play in a youth hockey tournament (he's 13).  Colin and his family are from Ohio, so we don't get to see them often, especially on our turf in Michigan. Nick absolutely loves Colin and actually slightly obsesses over the day was a HUGE hit!

Colin brought a hockey jersey for Nick to wear over his jacket and his own little mini hockey stick, Nick loved it and wore it all day.  He didn't even want to take it off at lunch or when we did a little shopping at the mall. The poor kid had to have been boiling since I had dressed him in layers to begin with, not knowing how cold the rinks would be.
2.Long Sleeve Michigan Shirt
3.Gap Sweatshirt
4.Winter coat
5.Hockey Jersey...that he would NOT take off!
We watched the first game in Southgate, unfortunately, Colin's team lost 2-5, but it was to the best team in the league.  I was very surprised (I don't know why) to see how competitive the kids and the PARENTS were, lots of yelling and banging!!!! Colin had lots of playing time...Here are a few action shots that Kate took using an iphone, I think she thought that she was the team photographer, because I now have no fewer then 200 half blurred action pictures of Colin playing hockey!! Don't get me wrong I love pics of Colin playing hockey, I just wish I had one good pic!! 
Colin with the yellow helmet.

I wish now that I would have bought a $5 pic from the professional photographers that were at the rink, but all I have is a pic of the pic that Kate took again, uhg. :(
This was a super good professional picture.

After the first game we headed out to lunch, I think some of the team were heading to Hooter's, but we choose TGIFriday's, which was delicious!  After lunch we went on to game #2 at U of M Dearborn Ice Arena.  Crazy enough, game #2 was against the exact same team as game #1, we lost again 0-3, but the team played great!
Fortunately, Patty (not me, but Aunt Patty) was there for Kate's entertainment.  Kate has really taken to Patty and loved modeling Patty's scarf and mittens.  Kate enjoyed the hockey game too, but probably not as much as Nick and soon found other ways to entertain herself, including photography.
Colin's team took 2nd place overall in the tournament and even won a trophy.  Colin's coach was so thoughtful and invited Nick into the (Very Stinky) boys locker room after game #2 to hang out with the "Big Boys"  Nick even got to hold the trophy!! Sorry, no pic because I wasn't in there:(
It was a fun, but exhausting day for the kids.  By the time we got in the van Nick was asleep with his hockey stick in hand and Colin's team hockey flag before we left the parking lot.
What a fun day!


  1. Super great! What a way to spend a day! The kids are so great!

    Papa Fox

  2. that's awesome! so jealous we weren't there to enjoy it with you all! (if you want some action shots of colin let me know) love you guys!

  3. Glad it was a good time!
    Love, Grandma Kenna


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