Wednesday, January 12, 2011

What's in the name?

Naptime for Mama...What's in the name? Why? How did you pick it? 
Hmmmm well, I picked "Naptime for Mama" for several reasons.

1) I knew I wanted a blog name that somewhat defined who I was (A Mama).

2) Could sorta-kinda-maybe help me express who I would be writing about (My Family).

3) Would explain when the only time of day I can actually sit down at a computer to blog, check emails, make orders, and research (Naptime).

4) Was short, sweet and catchy

5) I could spell all of the words...well really I couldn't.  I still don't know if "naptime" is one word or two, but in my world, on my blog, its one word.

6) Was not already taken in the world of blogging. 

7) And the BEST part of the day is when Mama can actually take a nap!  If only the kids new how lucky they were to take a nap everyday!

Mama Patty

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