Monday, January 24, 2011

Complete opposites

Everybody always says that no matter how many kids you have they are always very different from one another, in our case it couldn't be anymore true!  I have 2 children that are the complete opposites from eachother, take a look.

Kate-Born almost 5 weeks early (Must be an Andersen)
Nick-Born 2 days late (Must be a Roberts) LOL

Kate- 6lbs when born (A little peanut)
Nick- 9lbs when born (A big linebacker)

Kate- Slept through the night at 2 months
Nick- Took until he was 2 years old before he truely slept  through the night (UHG!)

Kate- Thumb sucker
Nick- Loved his Pacifier

Kate- Always petitte for her age (In the 5th percentile)
Nick- Always a little big for his age (In the 95th percentile)

Kate- Dark hair
Nick- My blonde boy

Kate-a chatterbox from early on.  Could say hippopotamus by 2 years old.
Nick-Just keeps to himself and doesn't talk much (Over 2 years old says ball and choo-choo)

Kate-Very dependent on Mommy (Doesn't play well by herself)
Nick-Very independent (Plays by himself for hours at a time)

Kate- Still takes a great nap everyday
Nick- Not so much :(

Kate- A very picky eater-Doesn't eat much
Nick- Will eat just about anything...all the time!

Kate- Loves to swim
Nick- Hates water

But I love them both equally!  They are my children...

Mama Patty

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  1. Hey I'm an Andersen and I have never been 5 weeks early to anything :) I love the comparison! The best part is how much they love each other even though they are so different. I hope it says like that forever!


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