Monday, January 10, 2011

The very first blog entry!

Welcome all! 
(Well really just Aunt Julie, Aunt Yvonne, Uncle Andy and maybe a Grandparent or 2.)

Today is my first day writing on a blog...I choose to create a blog for our family of 4 so I could post funny things that happen during our day, kind of like a journal.  Maybe someday we can come back to it and read silly things that happened in the life of a stay at home mommy, a work'n daddy an active pre-schooler and an independent 2 year old.  I also decided to write  a family blog for family members who do not have the fortune to live near us.  This blog will hopefully allow them be able to watch our children grow and see a small glimpse of our daily life.

Well, here goes noth'n...Now lets hope I can publish this!

Mama Patty

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