Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Times have changed...

A few days ago the kids and I went to the library for a few hours.  Nick picked out a big board book about first words with matching pictures.  It ended up being a game with both kids on "who could find the picture first" when I said the word.  For example...When I said, "where is the dog?" Kate and Nick would point to the dog as fast as they could, whoever found it first would win.  Most of the time Kate would win, but in this instance she was wrong. 

                                         "Where is the telephone?"
Do you see it? 

It's obvious to us, adults, or should I say if you were born before 1990.  The phone is red, in the middle of the page.  When I asked the kids I got a different answer.  Kate immediately pointed to the small grey rectagle in the monkey's hand.  I said, "nope that's not it", and I soon got corrected, "yes it is!  The monkey is holding his phone, his cell phone."  By gosh, it does look like a cell phone, the only phone that Kate and Nick are aware of.  Man, I feel old.

Mama Patty

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