Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A girls best friend :)

This past weekend both of the kids and I went up to the cabin for a relaxing weekend away.  I went up with 3 of my girlfriends and a total of 5 kids, making 9 total!  All of us "Mommies" thought that it would be cheapest for everyone to just bring whatever food was in their pantry at home to make meals at the cabin, rather then go grocery shopping when we were there.  Surely, with four moms bringing food we could create something edible for the kids.  When we all unloaded our totes full of cereal, crackers, cheese and eggs we also found these...

We all managed to pack the Oreo's!
You would never guess that all 4 of us Moms are all on Weight Watchers...LOL! I guess weigh in isn't gonna be so good this week!  But it was delicious!

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