Thursday, March 10, 2011

Splash Universe!

After Kate got out of Pre-school on Wednesday afternoon Mike and I took the kids on a mid-week "Mystery Trip".  We went to Splash Universe which is attached to a Holiday Inn Express in Dundee, MI, which is also right next door to Cabelas.  We had a blast!  The hotel was beautiful, it had a wilderness feel to it, take a look at the lobby picture below.  I do have to admit that the pictures below are not mine, I wish they were, unfortunately I left my camera at home for this trip.  BLAST!  I could have kicked myself, I had charged my battery the night before in preparation for the trip, and sure enough, I left it charging the whole time we were away!!! ERRRGGG! (therefore there will be a lack of pictures of us having fun in this post, so sad.)
We stayed in a Family Suite, which had a king size bed and a set of bunkbeds for the kids, Kate was super excited about this (being able to sleep on the top bunk).  The bunkbeds were made out of wood logs, super cool!  The first day we were there, we settled into our room, then got ready to go swimming in the hotel pool.  Kate swam for the first time (without wings) all the way across the pool from deep end to shallow end with out stopping or having any help, she is quiet my little fish!  Nick sat in the chair next to Daddy and read the sports section of the newspaper for most of our time at the pool.  He has no interest in swimming.  After swimming we found a local restaurant and ordered the most delicious Chicago Style Pizza I have ever had!  After dinner we went back to the hotel to hang out for a bit before bed.  The next morning we ate the breakfast that the hotel provides, which was just ok, then went here!
Kate was beside herself with excitement, she could not wait for the water park to open, we were counting down the minutes.  When we were finally allowed in, she ran to the lazy river, then to the family whirlpool, then up the splash tree house.  Before long, Kate and I were whizzing down the HUGE, adult size waterslides (there were two).  She laughed the entire time, I screamed, it was actually a little scary!  Soon she convinced Daddy to go with her while I took Nick in the lazy river with a beach ball, still no fun for Nick.  After the water park, we played at the arcade for a few minutes before having to pack up and head the hour and a half back home.  It was a peaceful van ride home, the kids both fell asleep before even reaching the express way, they were exhausted!  It was a very successful mini family vacation.  Hopefully we can return back soon.  What fun "Mystery Trips" do you go on with your family?  I would love some new ideas.

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