Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sunday Senses

Sorry that I have not posted in a full week.  We had a boring mid-winter week with nothing exciting happening.  This week will be different, I promise!  I have a mid-week mystery trip planned for the kids on Wednesday after Kate gets out of school, sooooo EXCITING!

Now back to Sunday Senses
Sight-Nick Jr. is on tv, Ni Hao Kai Lan, specifically. Kate is changing Nick's diaper as I type (she wants to, I am not making her, it's about the 5th time she has changed his diaper today, and he lets her, crazy!).  It's still sunny outside, it looks warm out, but it's very cold in the mitten state.
Hear - Nick singing, "YoYoYoYoLoLoLoLo" as Kate continues to change him.
Kate saying, "My baby it's ok. Good Boy. Sometimes it not easy being a big sister. Good job buddy.
Taste - Mint gum
Feel - A little tired...Mike and I stayed out at an Auction to raise money for Kate's Preschool until about 1:00am last night.  Thanks for joining us and supporting Kate's school Grandma and Grandpa!
Smell - We just finished dinner.  Cheesedogs and watermelon, so I still smell the hotdogs, both of the kids ate 2 a piece!

Happy Sunday!

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