Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Kate's Special Day

Kate had her special day last week at pre-school, so I thought I would share a few pics to let you in on a glimpse of her day.  She goes to Precious People Pre-school every MWF from 9-11:30.  Her teacher's name is Ms. Bonnie and she is the most patient, sweetest and kindest person I know, perfect for working with young children.  When it is Kate's special day she gets to bring in show-n-tell, snack and a classroom helper.  Kate absolutely LOVES school! 

Kate sitting in the special chair with her reading strips.  As we all know, March is reading month, at pre-school for each book the children read at home we write it on a red or white strip of paper and return them to school to make the largest hat for the Cat in the Hat.

 Here is circle time.  Kate is in the "special chair", her teacher is wearing the hat and that is most of her classmates.

 Every morning they sing the Pledge of Allegience and Kate gets to hold the big "Grand Ole Flag" since it is her special day.

A video of Ms Bonnie and Kate marching with the rest of the class singing "I'm a Grand Old Flag."

The class is working on "Color Magic" right now.  Discovering that blue mixed with yellow makes green, blue mixed with red makes purple and yellow mixed with red makes orange.

 We had to make green to add to the eggs and ham.  It was Green Eggs and Ham day.

 Kate got to crack the eggs into the skillet, she did a great job!

Kate loves to cook.

 They all took turns stirring the ham.

They read the book Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss while the eggs and ham were cooking, then they got to dig in.  Some kids were a little suspicious of snack and wanted nothing to do with it.  Others were willing and ready to try it. Kate loved it, she had two helpings of both the eggs and ham.  She said, "hey, green eggs tastes like regular eggs and green ham tastes like regular ham."

Snack time.

Kate's very best friend at school , Ava.

When it is Kate's special day she also gets to take home the classroom bear.  His name is Traveler Bear, and he traveled with Kate up to the cabin this past weekend.  Traveler Bear travels around with each student then helps report back to the class what fun activites they did together.  Traveler Bear also got a much needed bath this weekend!
Check back later to see what we did at the cabin.

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  1. What fun! I love Traveling Bear. Congratulations on your special day, Kate.


    Papa Fox


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