Monday, September 19, 2011

Nick at 3.

Has blonde hair. Can hit a baseball further then I can. Is 35 pounds. Independent.Nickerbocker.Melts my heart when he says, "I miss you Mommy". Calm.Is not potty trained and could care less if he wears a dirty diaper all day long. Loves trains. Goes to 3 year old Pre-School. Had a Pirate Birthday Party in the OBX. Playful.Jumping off the diningroom table is a favorite past-time. Takes 3 hour naps still. Wakes up VERY early.Plays at the table instead of eating.Is 40 inches tall. Can't ride a bike yet.Giggly.Nickle-Pickle.Athletic.BIG belly laugh when Daddy tickles him.Points out every bus, train and plane.Tries really hard to run fast, but really he is not.Is big for his age.Loves his blankie.Holds on to Daddy's leg and says,"Miss you Daddy."Can't drink enough milk.Is left handed.Is very good at putting puzzles together.Gives Daddy thumbs ups.Picks out football jerseys to wear.Has blue eyes. Pretends he is a dog.loves to play with my iphone. easy going.Likes to eat Frank's Red Hot Sauce on his eggs in the morning.Is the most wonderful son a Mommy could ever have.

Nick, Daddy and I wish you a very happy 3rd Birthday, you are a great little boy and we can't imagine life without you!


  1. All that and no b/day pictures??!!
    Love you, Aunt Jeanie

  2. Nick, I remember when you were born. What a thrilling day for all of us! You have been a joy ever since. I love to cuddle with you and I love to see you smile. And I love, love, love being your grandmother!
    Gma Kenna


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