Friday, September 23, 2011

OBX part 4

We could not have asked for a better week weather wise, it was sunny and 86 everyday!  The perfect weather allowed for lots of pool and beach time all week long.

We did lots of...
playing in the sand,

beach football,

kite flying,

and just chill'n by the ocean letting the waves crash into us.

We all got lots of time to go boogie boarding too, kate especially loved the thrill of the ocean waves.

Nick wasn't so sure about this until the very last day, but then loved it!

I like the small waves to cruise into shore on,  but
Mike prefers the BIG waves.  Some were 10-15 feet high that just beat you up!  You forget how powerful the ocean current and waves are until you are out there in it. 

Goodbye till next time Atlantic Ocean.


  1. reading our OBX posts every day has made me real live vaca all over again, oh how i miss being there with everyone!

  2. I agree, Beth! I would love to go back right now! Hope we can make this a tradition (without the mosquitoes!). Loved being with you all!


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