Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Outer Banks, Post # 1

Our family recently traveled to the Outer Banks of North Carolina, more specifically Nags Head North, Carolina for a wedding on the beach and a family vacation all tied into one.  So much happened in the past week that I can't cram it all into one post so I will start from the beginning and I will see where it takes me.

Before we even left our house for the 16 hour drive down, these were the texts that I received from family members who were already at the beach house.

I thought that maybe Kenna was exaggerating about the mosquitoes, but once we got there and hardly pulled into the drive-way, little lone get out of the van, we were completely swarmed by thousands of blood sucking mosquitoes!  It was awful, like nothing I have ever experienced, we seriously thought these HUGE mosquitoes were going to pick up our van and fly away with it! All we could do is cover the kids and run inside!
Cartoon of a Man Running and Screaming with a Swarm of Mosquitoes on His Face
No joke, this is what it was like!  I thought I was going to die.

It's a good thing that 5 hours into our drive down we stopped at a Home Depot and bought $65.00 worth of bug spray, it helped until 10:00am of the morning we arrived, then it was GONE (only lasted 3 hours.)

Soooo, we called the next group of people who were planning on staying at our beach house with us and told them to buy MORE bug spray before they got too close to the OBX (which was sold out).  They came with probably $200.00 worth of mosquito fog and OFF bug spray.

Did it help?  Find out tomorrow ;) hehe

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  1. They were terrible at the time, but now seems kind of funny. Smile! I've never seen mosquitoes like that before!


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