Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Our butterfly took flight today.

For the past two weeks we have been raising 3 caterpillars, turned chrysalis' in our kitchen.  Today our first caterpillar, better known as "Sprakle" in our house hatched from her (I have been told it IS a HER.) warm and cozy sleeping bag.  It was the most exciting thing to happen in our house "EVER", announced Kate.  We let Sparkle's wings dry and let her practice a bit before taking her outside to be free.
 Nick didn't want to touch the butterfly, but he sure examined it!
Kate was curious at first, and wasn't sure about holding Sparkle, but...

...then she got brave and enjoyed every second of Sparkle hanging out on her.

Kate encouraged Sparkle to practice using her wings.


After Sparkle's first flight she landed in a tree.

We have 2 more chyrsalis' to hatch soon and we can't wait!
(Thanks Susie for the caterpillars!)

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  1. I remember the thrill when Maria raised a few butterflies! I had never seen the entire process before and it was wonderful to watch. Thanks for sharing these moments with me.
    Gma Kenna


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