Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Outer Banks, Post #2

By this time, all I could think about was the wedding that was scheduled to happen on the beach the very next day, and how awful it was going to be. Not because of the chance of rain, not because of a hurricane crossing over Nags Head like the week before, but because of the mosquitoes that covered the whole island just waiting to suck my blood. From the first day alone both kids had mosquito bites all over their legs, back and face, and that's after covering them head to toe when they went outside.  It was miserable!

Saturday, 7:00am-Day of the wedding.
Andy, Yvonne and Olivia arrive with all of their mosquito ammo ready for war!
I don't know if it was the aerial crop planes that sprayed bug repellant for 8 hours during the night over the entire island or Andy arriving with cans and cans of mosquito fog, but whatever it was, we woke up on the morning of the wedding and did not see one mosquito!!!  We could not believe it, it was a miracle!

We were ready for a wedding on the beach!  Come back tomorrow for wedding pics.

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