Monday, February 28, 2011

Kate on Current Events

If you remember back about 2 weeks ago I asked Kate some rather simple questions, getting some simple answers from her.  If you wanna check it out again click here.  In this post, I asked her some very serious questions about life and our economy only to get some very serious answers!  Check them out!  I think she might be able to save the world!

1) Last Monday was Presidents Day and you have been learning all about the presidents of the United States, tell me what you have learned this week at pre-school?
·         You can find George Washington on money
·         (As she screams!!!!)I know who was our first president! George Washington!!!
·         It was Eva’s special day (Lets stay on track Kate)
·         You can sort money and see the presidents faces, cuz they are all washed, wanna see a penny?
·         George Washington is on the BIG one and it says 5 bubblegums
2) During the next presidential election, who would you like to see run for the position?
Ummm, George Washington
3) What do you think the President of the United States has to do, for part of his job?
He has to be busy doing something, I don’t know what he’s busy doing, maybe writing and he just sits at his desk.
4) What do you think is the best course of action to repair the economy in America?
Aaaa, I bet Handy Manny could fix it, cuz he has tools.

5) How do you feel about gas prices reaching $3.45 a gallon and it costing over $80 to fill up my Mommy van today?
OH MY! You went to the wrong place, your supposed to go to the rainbow place. (I am not aware of a place with a rainbow to get gas, but I would love to find the pot of gold near the end of the rainbow.)
6) What do you think about Lady Gaga’s appearance at the 2011 Grammy’s arriving in a womb?
She just hatches like birdies, I holded a birdy and it flapped out of my hands.

7) How do you feel about the violence in Libya?
I just tell’em don’t do it again.  Cuz when Nicky stands on the train table I just tell him don’t do it again and he gets down.
8) When do you believe the real estate market will stabilize and secure?
Maybe next time when I go to dance, we do balance beam at dance. (I think she made a connection with the word stabalize and balance beam here.)
9) I know you to believe in aliens. What do you think they look like? 
They are grey and skinney and not as fat as you.
 10) What further actions do you think we need to make in Afghanistan and Iraq?
Just Handy Manny fixes it.
11) How do you think the people of the world could be more happy? 
They just need to try their best, just like I tried my best at preschool.  Maybe you could just play peek-a-boo, Nicky laughs when I say peek-a-boo.
12) How should we feed the hungry? 
Just give’em your money so they can buy food. (Duh Mom)
13) Do you think children of today are less responsible than children from generations past?
Kids today because I take care of my Barbie. Sometimes I wash my Barbies hair and put her hair in a ponytail for pretend school.
14) Do you think breastfeeding is essential for babies?
Yes, just like me and Nicky because some people are babies and they need to drink just plain milk.  I drink outta a big girl sippy cup, just like Daddy drinks out of his Big girl sippy cup. (see pic, it's Daddy's real mug.LOL)

If you could do one thing to make the world better what would it be?
Um, I would grab my Mommy’s hand when we are at the store so I won’t get lost.
Have a great Monday!

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  1. Patty, this is great! I love seeing life through a 4 year old's eyes. Thanks again for sharing. I always read your posts to my coworkers and they say Kate is their favorite kid! I hope you are all well.


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