Wednesday, April 6, 2011

82 Degrees, not a could in sight, definitely not Michigan

Introducing, as my guest writer, my hubby Mike!!

Thanks for taking the time to right this post about your boys trip.

After trying to mesh schedules and finances, I finally got a chance to take Nick down to my father’s house in El Paso, Texas for a “YO-YO” week (a play on the YA-YA sisterhood). This was Nick’s first plane flight, so I was somewhat apprehensive. He was such a trooper.
We made sure to chew gum; a trick to keep popping your ears before they hurt. We made it to Papa Fox’s house without any trouble. Nick spent most of his time reading the Safety Instructions for our plane. If we somehow crashed into an ocean while crossing Texas, we were definitely going to be safe with Nick leading the way. The trip was so fun and relaxing. Papa Fox made breakfast every morning (omelets, or Belgium waffles) and dinner was always on the grill (cheeseburgers, steak, or pork loin).

Our first day we went to an El Paso Community College baseball game (the only baseball in the area for another month). While the team lost, Nick had such a great time watching baseball and now has two game balls from foul balls.
We also took a trip to the Chamizal National Park. This was a park created to help solve a border dispute from 1895 to 1963. This is an area that is actually a part of both the United States and Mexico. It was an opportunity to, safely, have Nick say he has now been to Mexico.

The three Roberts boys also went to the El Paso Warbirds Museum in New Mexico. This was an opportunity for Papa Fox to share a part of his knowledge and hobbies of military jets and planes with us, and it was very educational. We also tried to see a model airplane competition but the winds were too strong causing a cancellation to the competition.

We snuck up to Mesilla, New Mexico the next day. There was a craft market going on and we were able to see the end of the Catholic Church service in the basilica, which is a special church recognized by the Pope. Even though it may not sound like much, it was very interesting.

Finally, it was time to “head to the track” and show Nick the race horses. We drove over to the Sunland Park Racetrack and Casino to watch some possible future Kentucky Derby Horses race. While Nick did like to horses, his favorite part was the ambulance that races behind horses in each race.
After an amazing trip, we flew back into the snowy 30 degree weather. Nick was all vacationed out and slept the entire way home.

Boy, we sure miss the sunshine. Thank you for a great trip Papa Fox!!

 and Daddy Mike


  1. What a wonderful vacation! Thanks Mike and Nick for coming!
    Love, Papa Fox

  2. Sounds like a great trip! Glad you all enjoyed the visit. We enjoyed the girls time too!
    Grandma Kenna


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