Saturday, April 9, 2011

Alfalfa spruts? Really?

The other day Nick had just woke up from his nap, while I was still taking mine.  Traditionally, right after nap, the kids eat their snack and watch a little tv. On this particular day I was still enjoying my quiet time and didn't have snack ready for them yet.  As I was still laying on the couch, but awake now, I told Nick to go pick out his own snack, and by golly he did!!!  He went to the refrigerator, grabbed his milk, his snack and a bowl then continued to bring it to me.  To my surprise he brought me this...
Me-Are you serious, you wanna eat alfalfa sprouts for snack?
Nick-Syes (yes)
Nick-Syes (yes)
...and to my surprise the kid gobbled up a bowl full of alfalfa for snack, YUM (Gag me)!
Kate wasn't has thrilled with snack as Nick was...

Kate-Can I just take a "no thank you bite" and not eat anymore?
Me-Yes honey, that is fine.


  1. Nicky must have the taste buds of his Aunt Julie. I LOVE sprouts. I grow them myself in a canning jar. It is simple and fun. I bet the kids would love to grow their own sprouts, too!

    Miss you!


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