Friday, April 1, 2011

Spring Break

This year we took an early spring break from March 25-30th.  The boys (Hubby and Nick) flew down to El Paso, Texas to spend time with Mike's Dad.  The girls (Mommy and Kate) drove down to Kent, Ohio to spend time with Mike's Mom.  In this post I will share the fun times that the girls had on our trip and tomorrow I will have a guest author (My Hubby) to share what fun the boys had on their trip.  The boys were able to get some sun during their trip with 86 degree with sunny and clear weather while us girls still froze in Ohio with a high reaching 34 degrees, brrrrrr!

We arrived to Kent, Ohio at about 2:30 in the afternoon after driving 4.5 hours from Michigan.  We we got to O'Nana's(great-grandma) house my sister-in-law, Yvonne, and my only niece, Olivia (22 months), were already there.  The little girls were quickly acquainted then started baking cupcakes with Grandma.  Olivia was especially excited about the sprinkles.  All the girls put on their aprons and got to work.
Grandma, Kate and Olivia ready to bake cupcakes!

Kate mixing the batter.

Olivia mixing the batter with Grandma.

Kate putting batter in a measuring cup to add to the paper cups.

Olivia licking the blenders, she LOVED it and couldn't eat enough!

Opps, I forgot to get a pic of the finished cupcakes, but they were delicious!

On Saturday morning we got the girls' spring pictures taken then headed out to Aunt Debbie and Uncle Toms farm.
Aunt Yvonne and Olivia feeding the cows.

Kate and I playing with the pigs.

After the time at the farm we stopped to visit cousin Abbey at Starbucks.
The girls enjoyed their pink cake desserts...
...and their own milk frappucinno's.

Sunday morning we joined the whole family at Aunt Karen's Methodist church for service and a luncheon with the Bishop.  After church it was time for Yvonne and Olivia to fly back to Boston, a short, but sweet visit.

Monday and Tuesday were both pretty low key just visiting with family and relaxing.  Tuesday night we all gathered together at Olive Garden for a delicious dinner and birthday celebration for Great-Great Aunt Dorothy.
The chocolate cake was delicious!

Wednesday morning we packed up, went to visit Grandma Kenna and O'Nana one more time then drove up to the airport to pick up Daddy and Nick and hear how their trip was.  Stay tuned tomorrow to hear about their adventure.

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  1. We so enjoyed your visit. What fun to spend time with all my girls! It was like a mini-yaya. Smile! Come back again soon. Love you all!
    Grandma Kenna


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