Thursday, April 28, 2011

Geo Caching

Our family loves to go on Geo Caching adventures!  We haven't found any caches in several months, but over the past weekend got back into the fun and had a blast!

We went places with my "Mommy Van" that I never thought it would go on Monday.

We drove for over 2 miles down a ORV 2 track path in the scary woods of the great north!  I even had to hop out and move trees, but it was cheap, great fun!

We went tromping in the woods (the kids love it).

Mike added the Geo Caching app to his iphone and it was AMAZING!!!

Kate found the cache at the bottom of a tree.

Some caches are as small as a camera film case and can be as big as a sterelite container.  Some caches get creative and can be found in bird decoys or even a decoy rat!!! This one happened to be a tin car painted black.

Most of the time there are little treasures for the kids to rummage through and take.  There is always a log book to add your "family" name.  Ours is the Family Card Sharks.

The kids and Mike looking through everything.  It is cheap fun entertainment.  After you log that you have found it, you put the cache back.

If you have never tried Geo Caching before, give it a whirl, people of all ages can participate, babies to grandparents.  There are 100's and 100's of caches in each state, there is bound to be some near you!

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