Wednesday, February 23, 2011

20 reasons why I love Red Robin, YUMMMM!!!

1. It's a kid friendly restaurant!!!!!!!!!
2. Most of the time it is loud enough in there that when your kid screams or laughs loud it's not that big of a deal.
3. The Banzai Burger (My favorite, my mouth is watering as I type)
4. Prices are reasonable
5. Unlimited refills on their delicious strawberry lemonade
6. Bottomless french fries
7. The back of the booths have a place for Nick to make a railroad track to play choo-choo with his train, which allows Mike and I to eat our meals.
8. The kids menu has lots of activities on it to occupy Kate, which allows Mike and I to eat our meals.
9. The waitstaff are quick!!! (When you have kids, you really appriciate that.)
10. I love their take out boxes and bags (I ordered an extra burger for a friend who also loves Red Robin!! I did a suprise delivery at her house that night, she loved it!!)
11. The bathrooms are big, clean and smell good.
12. When you ask for a lot of Ranch dressing, you really get a lot of Ranch dressing, instead of getting a tiny plastic dipping bowl.
13. Their burgers are wrapped in paper when you get them, so you don't drip everywhere.
14. The kids meals include a stick on most everything (ie. chicken on a stick, corndogs or fruit kabobs).  My experience is that everything tastes better on a stick, especially for kids.
15. When you leave, the kids always get a helium balloon that offers hours and hours of at home entertainment...until the balloon pops, then it's tragic (that just happened)

16. They have a very catchy slogan! Yummm!
17. You get a free burger on your birthday.
18. The employees are all friendly and welcoming, based on my experience.
19. There is fun and interesting photographs and art covering the walls
20. (Kate's) The fan blades look like french fries!

If you are looking to try a new restaurant check out Red Robins, you won't be disappointed. (No, they did not pay me to say that.) It's just a good restaurant!

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