Monday, February 7, 2011

Superbowl XLV

Last night we had an impromptu Superbowl gathering, I won't even call it a party it was so low key, but a lot of fun!  We had about 6 guests over, had great food, played nickle-dime-quarter poker and watched the Superbowl.  The "boys" or should we say Men+Maria played poker downstairs and watched the game.  Andrea and I decided to plant ourselves in front of the livingroom TV to watch the big game and have a little girl talk all while filling our faces with nachos, delicious homemade sausage bean dip and addicting chocolate carmel chex mix that you must try!  As the game started, Andrea and I quickly learned how little we knew about this game. 
Take a look at parts of our conversation regarding the first quarter of the game.
P=Convo from Patty, A=Convo from Andrea

Game Comments during 1st quarter
P-Who are you rooting for?
A-I’ll go with Green Bay, I know more people who like Green Bay.
P-Ok, I’ll go with the Steelers, they are from Pittsburg right? Mike has an uncle that lives in Pittsburg, so we’ll go with them.
P-Look they both have yellow pants on, how are we supposed to tell’em a part?
A-Well yellow doesn’t go with much (Meaning clothes)
A-Ok, when are the ads coming on?
A-What are those band things they wear around there elbow, they look tight?
P-I have no clue, but sometimes they wear’em under their knee, maybe to keep the knee cap up.
P-Did you know those lines aren’t painted on the field? (Talking about line of scrimmage and 1st down lines, I think)
P-I don’t know how they know where to stand on the field without the lines.
A-They have those chains they look for, my dad did the chains.
P-Oh he was part of the chain gang? At high school or for the Lions?
A-Come on! At home
A-I don’t understand football
A- Damn, can any of these people catch a ball? I thought they were supposed to be good at this level.
P-What number Superbowl is this? Whats XLV?
A-I don’t know
P-(We asked the boys and found out it was Superbowl 45)
A-Is that Green Bay? Oh, I thought they changed their shirts.

*OK, so the conversation seemed funnier last night, then it does today, but oh well.*
After 1st quarter we lost interest in the game, but still had it on to view commercials and started finding apps and playing games for our phones.

Favorite- E-Trade commercial with Peppers the cat.
Most Anticipated-Shape Ups with Kim Kardashian
Easy to relate to-I don't know what the ad was for but it was the ad that had the two men sitting at a desk and one emailed the other, then the other man 'reply all' instead of just reply.  Haven't we all done that?
Not impressed-Budweiser (the first ad)

We had a fun night, and the kids loved it too!

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